Building multi-tier business applications has just become easier.  Here’s how vCloud Automation Center’s Application Director and Puppet can help by simplifying and automating the deployment and ongoing management of complex multi-tier application topologies.

Many companies rely on new or updated applications to enable new business opportunities or drive competitive advantage.  As with most companies, this means shorter release cycles required to support agile development and DevOps processes.  The challenge that most companies face is not just delivering infrastructure services quicker, but how to deploy complex multi-tier applications and development platforms as well as synchronize updates to these applications to the various groups throughout the release process.

With this latest release, VMware’s vCloud Automation Center enhances its automated application delivery and release automation functionality allowing companies to leverage the capabilities of Puppet in order accelerate the deployment of real-world applications.  Together, VMware and Puppet deliver a new approach to application management that provides companies with the visibility and control needed to meet demanding time to market goals.

Working Together
vCloud Automation Center ‘s Enterprise Edition allows you to quickly build and design multi-tier applications with easy drag and drop graphical canvas that supports dependencies across systems and with existing services. You can then provision these multi-tier applications including the VMs, operating systems, middleware, application and their components to vSphere based clouds. With the new Puppet integration, you can also easily include your desired state configuration of the applications, middleware, operating systems and related services as part of the provisioning process. Puppet Forge is a large community of modules and configuration content that was built by your peers.  You can access and leverage this content to help accelerate deployments in your environment. This integration supports both Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Open Source.  Once Application Director has deployed your business service, you can manage Day 2 operations like updating application code and other changes as well as tear down the service when it’s no longer needed from within the same console. This integration gives you the flexibility and agility to respond quickly to your customers ever-changing needs.

Learn more about vCloud Automation Center and how automating cloud service delivery by leveraging Puppet can save cost while accelerating access to IT applications and resources.

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