At VMworld Barcelona (October 2013), VMware announced new versions of existing VMware IT Business Management products and the introduction of a new IT Business Management offering focused on cloud infrastructure. The new versions of ITBM Advanced and Enterprise Edition feature new dashboard capabilities focused on key IT Service stakeholders.

The news from Barcelona
If you weren’t able to be in Barcelona to hear the news live on October 15th, VMware announced the new 8.0 version of our IT Business Management Advanced and Enterprise products. We also introduced a completely new offering, IT Business Management Standard version 1.0. Together they make up the VMware IT Business Management Suite – delivering complete transparency and control over the costs and quality of IT services.

Three versions designed to meet any need
In “Get the Cost of Your Private Cloud in Minutes,” I highlighted the exciting capabilities of our newest offering, ITBM Standard. Using IT Business Management Standard, within minutes, you can calculate the fully loaded cost of your entire infrastructure and the cost of each virtual machine – calculated for a specific application or business unit. You can also compare your own internal infrastructure costs to offerings available from public-cloud providers.

IT Business Management Advanced goes a step further and addresses the financial management of your complete IT services portfolio—not just the infrastructure layer. Easily integrated with a broad range of enterprise systems, IT Business Management Advanced includes a service modeling design surface that rapidly builds a comprehensive cost model for all of the IT services delivered to the business. It also includes a robust reporting engine that allows IT to deliver dashboards and reports for each major IT stakeholder and create a “bill of IT” for line-of-business owners. In addition, support for “what-if” planning enables IT to assess the impact of potential investment decisions by services costs before committing funding.

Our IT Business Management Enterprise integrates service-level metrics with financial metrics to holistically understand the quality and financial performance of all IT services. With IT Business Management Enterprise, your IT organization can define, collect, and manage service levels and quality metrics for all IT services and service components—whether IT internal teams or third-party service providers deliver these services.

Enhanced Dashboards In Advanced and Enterprise
One of the areas we focused on for the 8.0 release of IT Business Management Advanced and Enterprise was additional enhancements to the out-of-the-box dashboards included with these editions. Existing product versions already ship with dashboards tailored to the needs of specific IT stakeholders including CIO, CFO of IT, PMO lead, project managers, and IT department heads. With this new release, we have increased the capabilities of these dashboards and made it even easier to quickly tailor them to the needs of individual users.

For a quick introduction to VMware IT Business Management check out the 2-min video, “Introduction to VMware IT Business Management” which provides an excellent overview of the capabilities we deliver. Our Resources page features several other short and useful videos covering how you can use VMware IT Business Management to address financial management topics such as benchmarking, unit cost management, cost modeling, chargeback. There also videos on how to leverage VMware IT Business Management to address both SLA and Vendor management.

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