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VMware Explore 2022: A quick recap from the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) team  

That’s a Wrap! VMware Explore 2022 wrapped up on September 1, 2022, at the Moscone center in San Francisco and what an amazing event that was! A big shout out to our customers and partners who joined us during the week to make this event a grand success. It is hard to contain the excitement and energy of meeting so many amazing people in person for the first time in couple of years. 

In case you could not join us, or you missed the digital broadcast, you can now view all the event sessions and keynotes here

As we collectively reflect on the event and the many engagements with our customers and partners, we see that applications and more specifically that application delivery, availability, and security continue to be the unifying theme that rallies business and technology leaders together. 

Today, we highlight some key takeaways from the Application Service Platform team perspective. Load balancers and more broadly application delivery architectures are a topic near and dear to our hearts. Not a day goes by when the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) team is not addressing the challenges of successful application delivery, availability, and security – the same top of mind issues for business and technology leaders alike. 

What did we find out? 

Two common themes were apparent in almost every single conversation with our customers and partners. Addressing the challenges of deploying and managing application delivery in a multi-cloud environment and maintaining a proactive and current security posture remain crucial to the success of modern-day enterprises. 

Evolving applications in a multi-cloud world 

As applications continue to drive digital business, IT teams are stretched too thin managing and supporting increasingly complex application architectures against aggressive deadlines. Ever changing application designs, from monolithic applications to distributed microservices across multi-cloud environments increase the manpower and expertise needed to support them.  

Infosys, an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services can attest to this challenge. After careful consideration and evaluation process, they chose NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) for supporting their applications running on-premises and in Azure. 

Providing first line of defense for Web applications: 

In the recent times, more than 90% of attacks such as Log4j involve web applications critical to business success. As web applications continue to proliferate in multi-cloud environments and container clusters, their attack surface has increased exponentially. The majority of the companies, like Edward Jones, are keen on securing their applications before attacks reach inside their data centers or Kubernetes clusters. It is of paramount urgency to build the first line of defense against such threats. 

As a complete multi-cloud application delivery platform, Edward Jones trusts Avi to deliver application services including intelligent Web Application Firewall (WAF) and container ingress in addition to robust software load balancing capabilities. Avi’s WAF delivers simplified and highly scalable application security, with visibility and analytical insights that help customize a comprehensive application security policy per application or tenant. 

Watch session replays 

Please allow us to share a list of the sessions from Explore 2022 primarily focused on Avi platform. 

Solutions Keynote:  

  1. Are Your Networking and Security Cloud Smart?  

You surely don’t want to miss this one. Listen to Tom Gillis, SVP and GM of the Networking and Advanced Security Group at VMware along with Pauline Flament, Chief Technology Officer at Michelin, as he discusses how the cloud operating model, driven by the increased adoption of modern apps and multi-cloud, provides the tailwind for better networking and security. Your networks should operate efficiently in a distributed architecture and your security should see more and stop more attacks such as ransomware. But how can you effectively automate and operationalize networking and security to be cloud smart? This session is all about how VMware enables customers to implement Zero Trust across multi-cloud environments with zero appliances, zero tickets, zero taps, and zero disruptions. 

Other informative breakout sessions including customer-driven sessions: 

  1. Infosys Multi-Cloud Journey – On-Premises to Azure with Advanced Load Balancing  
  1. Edward Jones’ Real-World Considerations in Multi-Cloud Deployment  
  1. First Line of Defense: Secure Ingress Before Attacks Reach Your Apps  
  1. A Step-by-Step Demo to Set Up a Pre-Production Test Environment in 30 Minutes 
  1. Case Study: Container Security for Ingress Across On-Premises and Azure 
  1. Achieving Perfect Balance: How VMware IT Solved Load Balancing Challenges  
  1. Load Balancing Use Cases for VMware Horizon 
  1. Connect, Secure, Scale and Operate Modern Apps Anywhere with CVS Health 

Next steps 

VMware Explore 2022 may have come to a close, but there are still plenty of opportunities to engage with us and see how our team can help you address some of the pressing challenges of modern-day application delivery and security. 

Here  are some resources that you may find useful: 


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