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VMworld – which session should I attend? Everything Cloud with NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

VMworld is right around the corner, and you are curious to learn more about what the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) can do for your multi-cloud or hybrid environment. We’ve got you covered. Register today for the sessions listed below to learn how to:

  • Use Avi to get the agility of the public cloud with SaaS simplicity and enterprise-grade features
  • Showcase how you can consume and deploy load balancing as a service from any cloud
  • Simplify your network operations with central orchestration, intelligent automation, advancements in WAF for app security, and more.

Here are some sessions that might help you to answer some of your cloud-related load balancing questions:

Session 2694 – Bring Public Cloud Agility to Load Balancing in Any Environment

Applications are the currency of digital business, and enterprises are committed to speeding up their ability to roll out new apps and updates. As IT modernizes to deploy applications rapidly in the data center, migrate to clouds, and deliver self-service to app teams, the gaps in application delivery capabilities have come into sharp focus. In this session, learn about the requirements that modern load balancers must satisfy, including cloud-native architectural principles, central orchestration, visibility, security, and automation. Learn how customers are choosing to migrate their hardware or virtual ADCs to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer to get the agility of the public cloud with as-a-Service simplicity and enterprise-grade features.

Presented by:

Chandra Sekar, Senior Director Product Marketing, VMware

William Kao, Sr. Director Global Infrastructure Services, LogMeIn

Palak Desai, Director, Product Management, VMware

1306 – Consuming Advanced Load Balancer Services from Cloud Providers

As Enterprises move more and more of their mission-critical workloads to Cloud Provider cloud offerings and public clouds, load balancing across application across these application instances becomes increasingly critical to ensure application availability, performance and end-user experience. In this session we will look at how the expectations of Enterprises are evolving with the new trends of multi-cloud deployment, introduce Global Server Load Balancing, and how the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB) solution from VMware (by Avi Networks) addresses these trends. With a couple of specific use-cases we showcase how Enterprises can consume the managed load balancing services. Finally, we discuss the various business models and deployments options for NSX ALB that are available from Cloud Providers for Enterprises to consume.

Presented by:

Satish Katpally, Director, Product Marketing, VMware

2356 – An easy way to monitor and troubleshooting multi-cloud applications

You have planned out your deployment of your multi-cloud application. Now’s the time to find out how you will monitor and troubleshoot this application. There are plenty of off-the-shelf dash-boarding/data-analysis tools, but do you have all the required data points? Does your Application Delivery platform provide needed data at scale without needing to export logs, or generate wireshark traces and breaking the bank?  Furthermore, if your application is unique, you might have to chase a  platform vendor to solve your unique use case. But with NSX-Advanced Load Balancer (Avi), you can pretty much do all of this yourself by defining your own metrics and trace filters. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can take control of your application monitoring and troubleshooting, irrespective of cloud and application type. 

Presented by:

Nathan McMahon, Enablement Dir, VMware

Ashutosh Gupta, Senior Manager, R&D, VMware

2697 – Network Operations: Intelligence & Automation from Day 0 to Day 2

The pressure on IT is mounting: applications must be rolled out across multiple clouds, users expect immediate results, customers do not tolerate less than perfect performance. Everyone agrees that bringing intelligence and automation to operations, merging networking and security stacks, and providing visibility are must haves. But there is a gap between understanding the need and addressing it holistically. Learn how to close this gap with a practical assessment of needs, best practices, a demo, and hear from VMware customer Danske Bank.

  • Day 0: Start with consistent policies and design across the network and its stakeholders
  • Day 1: Automated deployment, self-provisioning, intelligence-based autoscaling
  • Day 2: Sustainable service delivery, monitoring, self-healing And more.

Presented By

Chandra Sekar, Senior Director Product Marketing, VMware

Michael W. Jensen, Network Architect, Danske Bank A/S

Ranga Rajagopalan, VP, Chief Architect, VMware

See product in action – watch these demos!

2936 – Multi-Cloud Load Balancing on VMC on AWS, AVS and GCVE  with Easy Day 0 Automation

You’re on VMware Cloud, Azure VMware Solution, or Google Cloud VMware Engine now. What about load balancing? How can you deploy and apply consistent load balancing policies regardless of infrastructure? In this demo, learn how to:

  • Automate Day 0 operations in your VMware Cloud environments and make it application-ready.
  • Reduce the deployment time of advanced load balancing services from hours to minutes.
  • Bring the ease of use of modern load balancing to VMware Cloud with a few simple clicks.

2938 – SaaS Threat Intelligence, Proactive Support, and Management

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer cloud services bring a SaaS experience to load balancing and beyond. See yourself how to:

  • Automate load balancing capacity management to enable autoscaling and cloud bursting use cases.
  • Monitor load balancing health and inventory.
  • Feed threat intelligence into the web application firewall.
  • Enable a zero-touch case creation and ticket management system.

2920 – Advancements in WAF for App Security: Bot Detection and Threat Intelligence

We introduced a stack approach to app security on an elastic multi-cloud application services platform. It allows consistent security capabilities, including web application firewall (WAF), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack protection, and more for both on-premises and cloud environments (in VMs or containers). In the demo, you will see how simple it is to implement a policy-based WAF with bot detection, a positive security model, a learning mode, and real-time threat intelligence from cloud services.

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