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The Benefits of Becoming VCP Certified [Infographic]

It has become increasingly evident that IT certifications and learning programs play an essential role in the professional development of IT leaders, teams, and organizations. 

Given the current IT skills gap landscape, certification remains crucial for recruiters in leading organizations. In highly skilled, specialized roles such as Data Center Virtualization, recruiters are having difficulty finding the right talent. The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification is an excellent way to remain competitive.

Did you know that the VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) certification ranks among the top 10 highest-paying IT Certifications for 2022? This means, getting certified can enhance your personal and professional development as well as boost your earnings.

Who should get VCP certified?

Anyone working with VMware technology should become a VMware Certified Professional. The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) program is designed for IT professionals (administrators and engineers) who install, configure, manage and optimize VMware solutions. Engineers and architects who are looking to expand their skill sets would do well starting as a VCP as a stepping stone to advanced certifications.

Becoming VCP certified will increase your career opportunities

The VMware Certified Professional certification validates your skills and allows you to leverage all the opportunities made possible by this achievement. This is true whether you’re an engineer, operator, or administrator. Recruiters and employers alike see it as proof of your skills. Getting certified can also open up more job opportunities. Because you’ll have the latest tech skills, you’ll be able to start the ground running upon securing that new job.

Become certified and pick an area specialization from these tracks. You can get always certified in more than one track, so it’s a great chance to explore your interests and expand your skills.

There are six certification tracks to choose from:

  • Data Center Virtualization (DCV)
  • Cloud Management and Automation (CMA)
  • Security (SEC)
  • Network Virtualization (NV)
  • End-User Computing (EUC) 

Consider cross training

Cross-training opportunities are available across six tracks. Cross-training will make you more prepared to handle a major task or project if you have skills in other functional areas. Additionally, equipping yourself with more knowledge makes you a more competitive IT pro in the long run. Modernized apps are becoming more and more popular in organizations. You can boost your skill confidence by getting certified as a VCP-AM.

Want to know more? Here’s an infographic outlining where VCPs are and the benefits of getting certified.

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Take the next step

Once you’re ready to embark on your advanced certification journey, VMware Learning is there to give you the study resources, community support and outstanding course material you need to succeed not only on your exam but in your technology career now and in the future.

Visit the VMware Certification homepage to learn how to get started today!


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