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Upcoming Webinars in February and March

It’s a new year, time for new goals! Plan your 2023 professional development with these brand-new webinars! They’re free and cover a variety of topics, including Cloud, Skyline Advisor Pro, NSX, vSphere, and more. 

Our webinar lineup for February and March is here – we’ll see you there! You can still attend one if it doesn’t fit your schedule. On-demand webinars are available in VMware Customer Connect Learning.

VMware Skyline: Tips & Tricks to Get the Most from Your Proactive Intelligence Service
Date: February 16, 2023

New to Skyline, and want to learn more? Or maybe you’ve installed Skyline, and are asking yourself, “Now what?” Join us for this how-to session to learn tips and tricks for getting the most from Skyline proactive intelligence. You’ll hear best practices for assigning user permissions, reviewing and prioritizing proactive Findings, using Log Assist for automated support log bundle upload, and more. Bring your questions — our Skyline experts will provide answers. Skill Level: Associate

Essential Cloud Capabilities: 3 Skills You Must Master when Migrating to the Cloud
Date: February 21, 2023

In a world where innovation is happening at the speed of light, it’s hard to keep up. One day you’re a tech wizard and the next you’re outdated. Join us for an interactive session where you will learn the 3 skills you must master when migrating to the Cloud.  Earn the admiration of your fellow technology leaders by launching your next project successfully.

In this webinar you will be able to:

• Discuss the benefits of moving from on-premises to the cloud
• Explain how your organization will benefit from these new skills
• Understand typical challenges when extending on-premises to the cloud
• Analyze the root causes of many migrations’ mishaps
• Determine the root causes of delays in the delivery of cloud-based initiatives

NSX-Security Firewall and Policy Building
Date: February 23, 2023

NSX includes a distributed firewall and gateway firewall to protect both east-west and north-south traffic. Join this webinar to gain full understanding of the architecture and configuration of the NSX firewalls to ensure that your workloads are protected.

Global Support Series: vSphere 8 – What’s New and What’s Trending
Date: February 27, 2023

VMware vSphere 8 is the enterprise workload platform that brings the benefits of cloud to on-premises workloads. It supercharges performance with DPU and GPU-based acceleration. Join this session to learn how to simplify day-to-day activities in your environment, discuss new features & deprecated/unsupported components and take a look at some improvements existing components.

VMware Cloud Foundation with vSphere with Tanzu & NSX-T
Date: March 16, 2023

Learn how VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) automates the deployment of SDDC in greenfield deployments. This enables SDDCs to be used for vSphere with Tanzu (K8’s platform) and NSX-T integration providing CNI with vSAN as a Storage provider.

You will learn:

  • How VCF is automating the deployment of SDDC for existing customers with their existing VMware skill sets.
  • How VCF is providing a K8’s Platform to run modern applications deployment using existing vSphere NSX-T and vSAN platforms.

Tanzu Portfolio with Differences B/W TKG, TKGI, vSphere with Tanzu
Date: March 28, 2023

This webinar will describe the purpose of vSphere with Tanzu, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integration and how it fits into the VMware Tanzu portfolio. You will gain understanding of VMware products for automation and lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters via TKG, TKGI, vSphere with Tanzu and what your organization could achieve by implementing it.


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