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Cloud Certification Insight: Badges and Certification Working Together

Credentials include career certifications and digital badges. Both prove expertise of skills, and each have their own purpose and scope.

VMware defines professional cloud credentials as the validation of knowledge and/or skills within a specific domain. In everyday terms, that means that through professional testing, we prove our candidates know their stuff, and we stand behind them.

Career Certifications include VCTA, VCP, VCAP and VCDX. These certifications align to industry job roles and show expertise across one of VMware’s solution areas. While centered on a key product (vSphere or NSX Data Center, for example), the certification exams may include skills on additional products that fall within the job role’s domain. Our newest certification, the VMware Certified Professional – VMware Cloud is an example of a certification aligning to a cloud solution area. Find out more about our limited-time special offer today.

Why are certifications important to a learner?

Earning a certification requires hands-on experience, hours of studying the skills and tools in question and a passing grade on an exam. Those with certifications see a higher success rate in job roles as they require you to have practical experience and knowledge in your area of expertise.

For employers, they demonstrate you can do the job required for the position they are looking forward to fill. Digital markers are awarded to certification holders for their LinkedIn profiles and email signatures. By clicking on the certification icons, it allows employers to easily understand what qualifications and skills are required to earn a certification.

In addition, certifications assure an employer that you are committed to increasing your knowledge within a particular technical area. This is especially true when pursuing more advanced certifications as the time commitment and content increase in difficulty.  But certifications are just one-way individuals can showcase their talent.

Build additional credibility with our digital badges

Does your job require you to have expertise in the latest trends? A badge is a powerful way to show competence and add credibility to your work. 

Digital Badges are a credentialing tool built to a narrower scope. For example, Specialist badges are a type of badge that is built on top of a career certification, proving additional expertise on a specific product (vSAN, for example). Other types of badges include:

  • Skills badges. A stand-alone set of skills that don’t require a prerequisite certification, often used for off-prem product skills.
  • Milestone badges. A combination of other certifications or badges, such as the VCIX.
  • Contributor badges. Awarded to those who help build our certification exams.

In addition to being a recognition of your knowledge and expertise, a digital badge is also a great way to build your professional network and work on projects with other professionals.   Working together, the cloud certifications and badges you earn will show your unique learning and skills journey and capabilities.

Take your career and learning journey to the next level with our certifications and badges from VMware Learning! Visit our certification website today!


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