VMware Security Certifications Protect Against More Than Just Dr. Evil

Do you remember Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery? The movie’s villain, Dr. Evil tells UN representatives he’s holding the world hostage for “one million dollars.” The diplomats share a laugh before Dr. Evil’s henchmen remind him, he should propose a heftier ransom.  

One million dollars is a measly sum to save the world, but it’s no laughing matter for today’s executives. The average cost of a data breach has now surpassed $4 million. It would be hard for anyone to brush off that kind of price tag.   

The running joke of the comedy flick, as the million-dollar snafu shows, is that Powers and Dr. Evil are ever acclimating to the world after waking up from a 30-year cryogenic freeze. But even as the movie’s creators poked fun at different cultural eras, they couldn’t have predicted the world nearly 25 years after the movie’s debut.  

If someone made an Austin Powers-like movie today, it might feature a hapless 1990s IT security admin pursuing a Gen X hacker as the two come to terms with distributed workforces and smartphones. Surprise! Cybersecurity has evolved, and old-fashioned firewalls just won’t cut it. 

2021 was an unprecedented year for data breaches 

In 2021, cybercriminals took advantage of a world at home and the proliferation of connected end points. In the healthcare industry, data breaches impacted 45 million individuals, a 20% increase from 2020.3 Hackers held their pinkies to their lips and demanded a $70 million ransom during a massive 2021 attack, a number even Dr. Evil’s henchmen would have been proud of.4 Some experts estimate that companies paid hundreds of millions in ransom last year.  

That $70 million attack last year became infamous. Criminals exploited a company’s software vulnerability before the company even knew it existed. Now, unfortunately, the brand name is synonymous with “cyberattack.” Many successful data breaches use far simpler methods, such as phishing emails or baited links. But the result is often the same: a hit to the bottom line, reputation or customer base.  

Our 1990s IT security admin would have to ramp up fast to thwart modern-day criminals. They’d be smart to brush up on cutting-edge security posture with VMware’s security-focused certifications.  

Certified individuals are a huge boost for companies 

Every company can urge team members to get up to date on their security creds. Because cybercriminals aren’t the only worry for executives. Major companies have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in fines to regulators to settle data breaches or because their security posture wasn’t up to snuff. Certified individuals help ensure companies stay on top of security safeguards and regulatory compliance.  

Recipients of the VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA) certification in security learn all about solutions like VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard via a VMware Learning course. The course teaches learners how to configure and maintain Carbon Black Cloud according to their company’s security posture and policies. With these individuals on board, companies won’t suffer from the same lax security standards that have led to hefty fines for other organizations.  

The last thing any c-suite wants (aside from a table of 1990s evildoers demanding ridiculous ransoms) is a government organization like the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issuing a statement like they did in 2020. The office levied an $80 million fine for a bank’s “failure to establish effective risk assessment processes prior to migrating significant information technology operations to the public cloud environment.”  

Of course, those who have earned their VCTA or VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Security certifications know all about establishing effective risk assessment processes for cloud migrations. These folks are experts in the security features of various VMware tools. And what is VMware if not the place to go for a leading multi-cloud experience? Securing every component of a multi-cloud environment is the best way to avoid regulatory scrutiny and costly security mishaps.  

These certifications are the best way to ensure certificate holders and their companies are the ones laughing when it comes time for Dr. Evil’s ransom proposition.  

Certified individuals are experts in more than just security 

Security certifications aren’t just to keep hackers at bay. Companies with certified IT staff also enjoy stronger partner ecosystems, improved efficiencies and more business than counterparts without the same level of expertise on board.  

Moreover, people with certifications like the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) – Endpoint and Workload Security credential can help companies modernize. One reason a 1990s cyber sleuth would struggle in an Austin Powers scenario today is that IT infrastructures are highly complex. Companies use a mix of public and private clouds, as well as different cloud providers and vendor tools. More organizations are investing in the edge of their network to manage remote workforces and customer bases.  

It may sound like VCPs with security certifications have a narrow focus. But on their learning journey, they’ve no doubt absorbed a ton of information about how multi-cloud infrastructures work. They’re crucial people to have for any company transforming its operations.  

Tap into security certifications to shore up your end of a multibillion-dollar industry 

With the help of his sidekicks, the out-of-his-league and -era Dr. Evil eventually decides on a $100 billion ransom. It’s total coincidence but a bit funny that the current cybersecurity market is worth upward of, say it with me now, one hundred billion dollars. That number will only grow as the world becomes ever interconnected.   

It’s unlikely a cryogenically frozen evil mastermind from 1990 comes calling, but there’s a decent chance a modern-day hacker is looking for a way to expose your data troves. Be sure and cover all your security gaps! Lean into VMware’s security certifications to shore up your defenses, because there’s so much more than $1 million at stake. Learn more today!  


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