More Than Just a Facelift, Inside Our New Web Enhancement Journey

When you are in search of the latest courses to advance your career or upskill your staff, it should be easy to find the courses you need within a few seconds. With the availability of smartphones and on-the-go shopping being the norm, we are following suit to create a more streamlined customer experience.

We are refreshing our VMware Learning website to better support our students. We know that you expect a stellar customer and digital experience for all your learning needs, and we aim to deliver that now and in the future.

The fresh look is based on students’ feedback. Our modern redesigned structure meets the needs of students today for the multi-cloud jobs of tomorrow. The result? A new site that provides learners with all the resources they need to find the perfect course for their professional goals. Check out these refreshed features and the reasons driving the updates.

An updated digital experience designed with the VMware student in mind

We know that your customer experience is the key to helping you choose the perfect class for you. Whether you are looking for courses in Data Center Virtualization, Network Virtualization, Cloud Management and Automation, End-User Computing, Security, or Application Modernization, our goal is to develop a highly engaging website with easy-to-use navigation that’s available from any device anywhere.

Easier access to the latest course information

We start this phase of our website enhancement journey by updating our course information page. We know there are so many course options and although our previous website provided a good amount of information, we’re now focusing our efforts on having the course information readily accessible. Taking a student-focused approach, we are reimagining our pages to make self-service course registration easy and effortless.

Our recent improvements include a cleaner design and navigation and provide you with the resources you need to decide on the courses best for you!

Our course page now features a tab-style navigation that will assist students in finding all the critical information they need in a user-friendly environment. The title area and tabs are dynamic and will scroll down the page with you so all the information stays within reach. Best of all, you now can see the overview of the course, objectives and outline in one course pane.

New and improved information panel

Clarifying prerequisites and potential products aligned with certain courses is another area we are upgrading. This clearer learning path lets students ensure that they’ve selected the best learning path to meet their needs.

We now have a new blue informational panel on the right-hand side! Find the relevant information you need at your fingertips. This will give you a clear view of course information, course audience, products aligned to each course and more!

Course format descriptions

With so many learning modality options, it is easy to get overwhelmed deciding which would be best for you. On the new website, once a student is ready to enroll in a class, a drop-down menu appears to choose whether they would like to take a course in a specific modality.

We are continually upgrading

You may see some of the experience has yet to be addressed but be assured that we are working behind the scenes to continue to deliver the best-in-class user experience for our students. We are working on new search functionality, for example, so stay tuned!

Position yourself as a true IT expert

It’s no secret that training gives you the competitive advantage to thrive in a multi-cloud universe. Whether you are at work or on the go, our new page layout helps you quickly consume all the course information to excel in your career. Find the latest course schedules and information in one place. Visit our website to search for a course and check out new digital experience today!


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