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VMware Spring Certified Professional Certification Is Back

Increase your mastery of Spring and Spring Boot with official training and certification from VMware and our global network of authorized training partners. Due to the high demand from the Spring community, the Spring Certified Professional certification is back. This certification is laser-focused to equip you with the skills you need to be a successful Spring developer.

Is Spring worth the hype?

If you’re a developer who often works with Java, you may already know why Spring Framework is one of the most popular Java frameworks in the community. With 10 million Java developers running on 56 billion devices globally, the Spring Framework is a prominent choice among Java programmers for its ability to assist modularizing applications. This allows developers to set up enterprise-level applications as quickly as possible.

Forward-looking companies are trusting Spring more and more for their development teams. According to VMware’s State of Spring 2021 Survey, 61% of organizations say Spring is their primary or only development platform. The benefits of Spring are increasingly made apparent with its easy adaptability and integration into other frameworks and its modularity. It’s quickly becoming the go-to development platform for enterprise application development.

Market demand for Spring experience

There is also a huge demand for Java developers with Spring experience. In fact, Spring is often considered as the most important skill when hiring Java developers. As application projects are becoming more complex, they require developers to write clean and reusable code. This not only helps improve performance but ultimately will enable developers to focus on initiatives that drive innovation. Taking free courses is a good start, but you need different skills to succeed in an enterprise environment. The VMware certification will validate the knowledge you need for your next career move.

In addition, many companies prefer to hire candidates who have a Spring Certified Professional certification on their resume. That’s why more and more Java developers want to become VMware certified.

Is this certification for you?

You should consider this certification if you have six to 12 months of experience with Spring Framework. It is advisable that you have a strong conceptual understanding of Spring and programming experience. You understand the major features of Spring and Spring Boot, which includes configuration, data access, REST, AOP, auto-configuration, actuator, security and the Spring testing framework to build the next generation of applications. This certification validates your expertise with Spring and Spring Boot and your ability to apply Spring’s features to quickly build and deliver production-ready applications.

What’s on the exam?

The exam is broken down into six sections, designed to challenge you and prove your overall expertise. The sections are:

Not sure if you are ready to get started?

Still thinking about it?

To better prepare you for the certification, you must take either Spring: Core Training 4-day course (instructor-led) or Spring: Core Training 4-day course (on demand). This course offers hands-on experience with the major features of Spring and Spring Boot. Upon completion, participants will have a solid foundation for creating enterprise and cloud-ready applications.

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