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Anyone for Alphabet Soup? Your Guide to VMware Certification

Watching TV can make you feel like prime-time crime shows have a monopoly on acronyms: CIA, FBI, JAG, NCIS, SHIELD. But after being in the tech industry for a little over a year, I feel like the alphabet soup label is more fitting for us than anyone else. We love our acronyms and abbreviations. What can I say? Our tech engineers don’t have time to write out full words. They’re too busy creating amazing things! However, the drawback to using acronyms and abbreviations is that sometimes you feel like you need a decoder ring to figure out what all the letters stand for.

Six certifications

Is your area of specialty DCV? Or maybe it’s NV or even CMA? There are six distinct areas where you can become VMware Learning certified. Many people choose to become certified in more than one.

  1. Data Center Virtualization (DCV)
  2. Network Virtualization (NV)
  3. Cloud Management and Automation (CMA)
  4. End-User Computing (EUC)
  5. Security (SEC)
  6. Application Modernization (AM)

Four certification levels

Once you’ve selected your area of expertise, you need to decide what skill level you’re ready to become certified in. Each VMware Learning certification is geared toward a certain skill set and then validating those skills and your knowledge in real world scenarios. Each certification level may have different requirements to achieve it, including VMware Learning Courses, labs, etc.

  1. VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA)
  2. VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
  3. VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)
    • VCAP Design
    • VCAP Deployment
  4. VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)

These certification levels work together to build your expertise until you’re ready to become a VMware Certified Design Expert or VCDX. This is what your pathway could look like:

Did you know?

As of today, there are only 297 VCDXs in the world! Earning a VCDX certification is challenging, but you’re not alone. There’s an entire VMware Learning community that’s committed to supporting you. Check out one of our recent VCDX workshops where Phoebe Kim, VCDX #288 and Chris Mutchler, VCDX #257 walk through the process and answer questions.

No matter where you are along your career, VMware Learning has the right certification to validate your skills and help you progress on your professional journey.


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  1. Being a VMware Certified Professional for many years opened a lot of career opportunities for me in my life in the IT industry. Having the training and complete skillsets will let you accomplish your goals and become confident in your daily administrative and architectural jobs
    Great Article Rachel!

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