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New Tanzu and Spring Learning Subscriptions Now Available

A skills gap occurs when people do not fully understand the technology their company has selected. It is estimated that skills gaps will cost companies $775 billion dollars by the end of 2022.

As a trusted advisor, VMware is invested in training customers on how to use technologies effectively, such as Spring and Kubernetes, to build successful applications. VMware Learning is excited to announce the rollout of two new On Demand Tanzu and Spring learning subscriptions, which will help companies overcome significant skill gaps due to inadequate training.

Digital transformation has accelerated skills gaps

According to IDC, 75% of organizations are adjusting technology roadmaps to reduce the costs of current systems, create operational efficiencies, project management and employee experience. A recent study from PWC reveals that 60% of senior executives believe that digital transformation will be critical for business growth in 2022.

The skills gap topic plays a role in today’s business landscape as many companies were forced to rethink business systems during the pandemic. As digital transformation became the dominant strategy, companies started embracing ways to make employees and operations more efficient to remain competitive. This created both a global shift and opportunity for businesses to modernize infrastructures and applications. The adoption of better technology has made headway for improvement, but organizations are scrambling for employees to fill roles needed for this new direction.

The modern application economy has arrived

Cloud-native applications are important in the pursuit of digital transformation and moving your business forward with innovation in mind. Unfortunately, many companies seem to struggle with deploying modern applications and maintaining the status quo while continuously delivering business value to their current customers. Leaders must recognize the benefits of upskilling staff members and how it will help them optimize investments, especially when going cloud-native.

Creating a culture of innovation within organizations always has its complexities. Companies must be able to balance current projects with brand new projects that require additional skills to execute. This is where upskilling your staff on areas that need to be developed most is crucial for your projects at hand. In the absence of this, you may find yourself with innovation at a standstill along with extended timelines instead of focusing your team on driving transformation.

Don’t know where to get started on your native cloud journey? We’ve got you covered

VMware Learning’s new subscriptions can help you on your journey toward the native cloud. Whether you are an organization or an individual contributor, our new On Demand subscriptions are for you: Developers Learning Subscription for Spring and VMware Tanzu and Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu. These courses are exclusively for developers and operators who not only want to understand how Spring and Kubernetes work, but how they work in Tanzu products, such as VMware Application Modernization and VMware vSphere with Tanzu.

For organizations

Are you a Java development house and want to incorporate a Spring presence at your company? Our Developers Learning Subscription for Spring and VMware Tanzu is perfect to teach someone how to get started with Spring. The subscription includes On Demand courses for Spring Core training, Spring Boot training and VMware Application Modernization core technical skills.

If the operator team at your company does not have the experience to operate Kubernetes at scale, they probably also do not know how to manage Tanzu at scale in production environments. The Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu is a great way for a company to efficiently and cost-effectively level up an entire operators team in need of training.

For developers and operators

The Developer Learning Subscription for Spring and VMware Tanzu will provide the foundational knowledge to create modern enterprise applications using cloud-native development techniques. It teaches and validates the skills needed to create high-performing and reusable code using the Spring Framework. Trained developers will learn the skills needed to build and deploy Spring applications.

You’ll find that this subscription contains everything an operator needs to know about Tanzu to be successful, including how to run a large, distributed system. The curriculum in this subscription is impressive, vast and growing, with basic courses, such as VMware vSphere with Tanzu and Kubernetes Fundamentals and Cluster Operations. There’s also a couple of classic install, config, management classes including VMware Tanzu Application Service and VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ.

Narrow the skills gap with VMware Learning

VMware Learning provides training and certification programs to grow your skills and leverage opportunities available with VMware solutions. Are you ready to accelerate your career and prove your expertise in your chosen VMware technology? With our new On Demand subscriptions, Developers Learning Subscription for Spring and VMware Tanzu and Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu you can do just that!

In addition, VMware also provides valuable and free material on KubeAcademy from VMware and the VMware Tanzu Developer Center that you are welcome to access at any time.


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