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New IT Academy Course: Core Technical Skills in Application Modernization

We’re pleased to introduce a new IT Academy course focused on core technical skills in application modernization. These skills are in demand already, and the need for people with these skills is going to increase rapidly. We have looked at the reasons app modernization is important in some of our recent blogs. And it is probably worthwhile to mention again what app modernization is.

The essential idea is that organizations have existing software applications they have been using for years or even decades. While those applications generally still work, they are reaching the end of their useful lives. App modernization is a process that one leading consultancy describes as taking those aging applications and “enabling them to interact with the digital era in a way that’s scalable, efficient and is able to keep pace with the expectations of the business.”

With that in mind, we can turn to the skills employers are looking for to help them modernize and that you will acquire when you take our new course.

Skills required for app modernization

App modernization is a complex undertaking. One of the first skills you need is being able to see the big picture. This course will give you the background knowledge to describe the purpose of application modernization and to recognize the differences between modern and traditional applications. It will also provide context that will enable you to understand and identify strategies and technologies that are key to application modernization.

After laying the groundwork, the course turns to practical skills in areas such as the use of microservices and containers. We also look at the use of Kubernetes to orchestrate containers and to use automation to deploy, scale and manage containerized applications. Because Kubernetes plays a key role in app modernization, the course devotes significant time to building your Kubernetes skills.

Technologies essential to app modernization

In the same way that understanding Kubernetes is a prerequisite for app modernization, having a strong foundation in the VMware Tanzu platform is also key. As such, our new course ensures that you’ll have the skills you need to understand and use the different products in the VMware Tanzu portfolio at the appropriate points in the app modernization process.

This course aims to deliver a holistic education in the area of app modernization so that you will be able to contribute rapidly and effectively to your employer’s app modernization goals. We are able to provide such a broad-based curriculum by drawing on the expertise that VMware, a recognized technology leader, has in areas such as virtualization and multi-cloud, as well as our intellectual property in the form of VMware Tanzu.

Accelerate your IT career

The digital transformation sweeping organizations globally presents an opportunity for you to get in early if you have the right skills. IT Academy has taken the first step by providing a course that will give you those skills. The next step is for you to take the course and use your new knowledge to get the job you want and accelerate your career in IT. If you’d like to learn more, this video provides an overview of the course that will get you started. Watch the video below.


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