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VCDX Spotlight – Raymond de Jong, VCDX 284

Raymond de Jong’s journey to becoming a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is one for the books. He received his VCDX certification a year and a half ago, on his first attempt!

How did he prepare? “Lots of practice. I took time to get my story ready and be able to answer questions.

Becoming a VCDX is not easy. This top tier certification exam is comprised of two parts: the submission and the defense. The defense portion is a challenging presentation where you have 45 minutes to present and clarify your conceptual, logical and physical design and problem solve questions in front of a panel of judges.

Defending your design can be intimidating, Raymond admits. “I recommend using real design with a defined scope.” He explains that this helps keep the design manageable and puts you in the correct frame of thinking about both the project and the product.

But the biggest key to success, that has been echoed across the board with all VCDX’s, is the importance of practice. “Having experience doing a whiteboard is important…doing a mock defense helps you think on your feet.” Raymond did several rounds of mock defenses with his mentor and colleagues to make sure that he had everything just right. Another one of our VCDX shared some tips and tricks on how to pass his defense in a recent blog.

As the tech industry keeps changing, VCDXs like Raymond are ready for the many challenges that lay ahead. There are four different levels of certification for every kind of VMware professional and it is important to find the level that is right for you.

By gaining his VCDX, Raymond has been able to approach projects with a new mindset, bringing his experience to help customers come up with solutions to their problems in way they have never thought of. Are you ready to join this elite group of VCDX professionals?

Visit the Official VCDX Directory to learn more about how you can earn a VCDX certification.


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