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New Year, New Options – 2021 VMware Certifications

What’s New in VMware Certification for 2021?

With our 2021 Certification launch, we now offer a VCTA-SEC and VCP-SEC level certification for our newest Security track.

VCTA certifications are available for Data Center Virtualization, Network Virtualization, and Security.

See below for details and links.

In January, we launched new exams for VCAP Design vSphere 7.x, VCAP Deploy vSphere 7.x and VCAP Deploy vRealize Automation 8.x.

Certification Upgrade Paths

Upgrade paths are available for VCP, VCAP, and VCIX level certifications. For VCP and VCAP, if you’re looking to upgrade from last year to this year, you have the option to take a course and/or pass the latest exam (if you have not already taken the latest exam).

For a VCIX level upgrade, you can pass the latest VCAP Deploy or Design exam in the same track.

Exam Retirement PDF

We invite you to stay up-to-date with upcoming exam retirements and our latest exam, certification and badge retirements by visiting our updated web PDF.

End of 2020 Recap

As a friendly reminder, here is a list of exams recently launched at the end of 2020:

Sep 28 3V0-51.20 Advanced Deploy VMware Horizon 7.x
(VCAP-DTM Deploy 2020)
Sep 29 1V0-21.20 Associate Data Center Virtualization
(VCTA-DCV 2020)
Sep 29 1V0-41.20 Associate Network Virtualization
(VCTA-NV 2020)
Sep 29 1V0-81.20 Associate Security
(VCTA-SEC 2020)
Oct 7 2V0-81.20 Professional VMware Security
(VCP-SEC 2020)
Nov 30 5V0-31.20 VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist
(VMware Certified Specialist-Cloud Foundation 2020)
Nov 30 5V0-23.20 VMware vSphere with Tanzu Specialist
(VMware Certified Specialist-vSphere with Tanzu 2020)

Validate your skills and expertise in 2021 and advance your career today!

Latest Certifications and Badge Exam details

Associate Data Center Virtualization
Associated Certification: VCTA-DCV 2021
Recommended Course: VMware Virtual Data Center – Core Technical Skills
(Note: VMware Connect Learning – Premium Subscription is required)
Exam Code: 1V0-21.20
Associate Network Virtualization
Associated Certification: VCTA-NV 2021
Recommended Course: VMware Virtual Cloud Network – Core Technical Skills
(Note: VMware Connect Learning – Premium Subscription is required)
Exam Code: 1V0-41.20
Associate Security
Associated Certification: VCTA-SEC 2021
Recommended Course: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation
Exam Code: 1V0-81.20
Professional VMware vSphere 7.x
Associated Certification: VCP-DCV 2021
Recommended Course: VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [v7]
Exam Code: 2V0-21.20
Professional VMware Security
Associated Certification: VCP-SEC 2021
Recommended Course: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation
Exam Code: 2V0-81.20
Advanced Design VMware vSphere 7.x
Associated Certification: VCAP-DCV Design 2021
Recommended Course: VMware vSphere: Design [V7]
Exam Code: 3V0-21.21
Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 7.x
Associated Certification: VCAP-DCV Deploy 2021
Recommended Course: VMware vSphere: Advanced Administration Workshop [V7]
Exam Code: 3V0-22.21
Advanced Deploy VMware Horizon 7.x
Associated Certification: VCAP-DTM Deploy 2021
Recommended Course: VMware Horizon 7: Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization [V7.7]
Exam Code: 3V0-51.20
Advanced Deploy VMware vRealize Automation (8.x)
Associated Certification: VCAP-CMA Deploy 2021
Recommended Course: VMware vRealize Automation: Advanced Features and Troubleshooting [V8.x]
Exam Code: 3V0-31.21
VMware vSphere with Tanzu Specialist
Associated Certification: VMware Certified Specialist – vSphere with Tanzu 2021
Recommended Course: VMware vSphere with Tanzu: Deploy and Manage [V7]
Exam Code: 5V0-23.20
VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist
Associated Certification: VMware Certified Specialist – Cloud Foundation 2021
Recommended Course: VMware Cloud Foundation Plan and DeployVMware Cloud Foundation Management and Operations
Exam Code: 5V0-31.20


8 comments have been added so far

    1. Hi Ben, it’s in development now and getting close, you’ll be seeing the launch within the quarter.


  1. Hi Karl,

    If I wrote the VCP exam in 2020,I would be a VCP-2020. How would I then get the VCP 2021 as the exam as this is the same exam back in 2020, as I’m being informed I would have to take a qualifying V7.0 course, and yet based on the VCP 2020 those requirements have been meet ?

    1. Hi Chris, the version of the certification is based on when you complete the requirements. You can earn the VCP 2021 by taking any new class, including more advanced topics (such as Optimize & Scale); there is a list of classes available that are relevant to the DCV scope and can provide additional learning beyond the initial VCP level. When the certification is upgraded to 2021, it validates that you been continuing to learn and keep skills-up-to-date. When it’s available, you can also pass the next version of the exam.


      1. Karl,
        If I read this correctly then to renew my VCP 2020 exam 2v0-21.20 I have take an additional Version 7 course, this is crazy as the current DCV 2021 exam is the same one eg 2v0-21-20, unless of course your intending to change the requirements for the DCV-2021 for this current year. In essence then, there is no direct upgrade path as in previous years unless you take an additional VMware course.

        1. In cases where a new exam isn’t available right away, it does limit the ways to upgrade year by year. As we evolve to better reflect the faster pace of not only partner ecosystem and other needs as expressed here, but also the fast pace of our SaaS products and solutions, there will be more opportunities to upgrade through testing and possible deltas (that’s TBD), so you have a choice of training or exam in every case.

          I know that doesn’t solve the immediate problem here, but will help to mitigate it in the future. The training was provided as an option for those who were taking it anyway, but not intended as the only way. Testing is always available when new versions come out, which will happen.


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