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Building Better Exams: Spotlight on Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis is one of those SMEs (subject matter experts) that loves to learn and maintains influence and expertise in many areas. Currently a Lead Solutions Engineer with VMware, Chris has applied his passion by contributing to multiple levels of VMware Exams, including the Professional and Advanced exams for Cloud Management, Data Center Virtualization, VMware Cloud Foundation, Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Tanzu – phew! That equates to MANY hours! As an active member of the Education Contributor program, Chris enjoys writing exam questions that challenge the minimally qualified candidate and is also a brilliant mentor to newer SMEs. Thank you, Chris!

What is your background and how long have you worked in IT?

Chris Lewis
Lead Solution Engineer, VMware

I am currently a Lead Solution Engineer at VMware and I specialize in VMware Cloud Management. I have worked in IT for 20 years and prior to my current role, I worked in various roles across the customer, vendor and consultancy space.         

What do you think makes for a great testing experience?

I think the ability to take an exam or course in the comfort of your own home is great. It really opens up a world of possibilities for increasing the audience who can now learn and validate new skills.

Why did you get involved in the VMware Education Contributor program?         

I have taken a large number of exams in my career that cover multiple skill levels, products and technologies. The experience hasn’t always been great, so I wanted to help make the experience better for the next generation of exam-taking candidates. I wanted to make sure the exams were challenging but, most of all, fair to the minimally qualified candidate.          

What is the most desirable part of the Education Contributor program?

The best bit about the program is the ability to give back to the exam-taking community. Whilst the program is hard work, the rewards are worth it!          

How have you benefited from the program?

I have worked with new (and different) people. I have also learned new and improved existing skills (including technical, organizational and social skills) that I wouldn’t typically get to use or learn in my day-to-day work.        

Fun Fact!

I am a father to two wonderful children who keep me very active. I am also a big Star Wars fan and a Lego collector.

Connect with Chris on Twitter at @thecloudxpert.


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