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VMware Certification Insights: When Will My VMware Certification Appear in Certification Manager?

When you’re waiting for your exam results to be posted and your certification status updated, it can seem like an eternity. In fact, most certification exams results are processed and sent to the email address associated with your MyLearn/Certification Manager account within two business days of your exam. If you have met all the certification requirements, your certification will be reflected in the VMware Certification Manager system at that point.

Not only do you receive an email from VMware with confirmation of your achievement, but you also receive an email from Credly so that you can securely and publicly share your success. Look for an email subject “VMware Issued You a new Badge”. Once you accept your badge, you can share via social media or with prospective employers with one click.

To see which requirements were applied to earn your certification, use VMware Certification Manager. From the homepage, click “Certifications” from upper right menu. Click the certification name that you want to explore. For each requirement met, a green check mark appears next to it as many times as it applies (or for any upgrade path to which it applies).

To find or print your e-certificate, from the VMware Certification Manager homepage, click “Certifications” from the upper right menu. Beside each earned certification, a link to download the logo and PDF version of the certificate are available to the right.

You can also view a 30-second video for additional visual guide.

If it has been more than three business days since you have completed all requirements and your exam and you have not received an email from us, please contact the Certification support team so that they can troubleshoot the issue.


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