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Extending Expertise to Exams: Spotlight on Bharath N

Bharath N, Staff Technical Content Developer, enjoys teaching and curating content in a simple, concise way that learners can easily understand. He extends his passion by contributing to multiple levels of VMware Exams. Being part of the Education Contributor program for many years, he believes this is the best place to gain technical expertise by interacting with SMEs, and to contribute to the education community. Specializing in vRealize, Bharath is an excellent leader and team member. Thank you very much, Bharath, for going above and beyond!


What is your background? How long have you worked in IT?

I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication. I have about 10 years of working experience in the IT industry, including eight years at VMware.


What do you think makes for a great online learning/testing experience?

In the current situation, all the learning domains are moving towards eLearning, and not just the IT industry. It offers great flexibility, the chance to revisit content when required, the ability to learn at your own pace, and many more advantages. I am glad that VMware has been delivering excellent online classes and eLearning content. A good exam can validate the learning objectives of a given topic without the need for tricky questions.


Why did you get involved in the VMware Education Contributor program?

I have been involved in the VMware Education Contributor program because I love teaching and curating content in a simple and concise way for easy understanding. It feels great to have extended my passion by contributing to VMware exams.


What is the most desirable part of the Education Contributor program?

Getting to interact with peers with great skills from various teams.


How have you benefited from the program?

I’m learning the nuances of VMware exam development as well as gaining technical expertise while interacting with SMEs. I am strongly motivated to contribute more for the education community.


Fun Fact

I love spending time with my three-year-old. I am also a cricket enthusiast. I watch and play cricket representing VMware as a corporate team.


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