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Our Vision for VMware Learning

VMware Learning’s 2020 Journey

In 2020, I have had the opportunity to lead the transformation of VMware’s education business. The last 12 months have brought significant challenges – and unexpected opportunities – beyond what we could have anticipated. This year, our team set a new bar for innovation and agility as we adapted to massive changes brought on by the pandemic, introduced a new brand – VMware Learning – and, dramatically expanded our digital footprint.

Learners of the future increasingly need flexibility in when, where and how they learn – and these trends have accelerated with the global pandemic. VMware Learning is on a journey to bring our best-in-class training to life across digital and physical classrooms. This requires us to aggressively innovate in how we develop and deliver content, and continue to put customer interests and needs at the core of everything we do.


The Future of VMware Learning

The future of VMware Learning will be shaped and accelerated by this environment. So, what can you expect to see from us? The future of VMware Learning will be defined by these key elements:

Individualized: From the start, our vision has been to define and deliver an individualized learning experience. We want to make sure that you can easily access the content and information that is germane to your role, your technological infrastructure, and your professional aspirations.

Predictive: As you consume learning courses and content, we can start to make suggestions within our Learning platforms around offerings that can be applied in your day-to-day operations and make you and your company more successful. By embedding AI and machine learning across our learning platforms, we can build an adaptive learning experience based on your preferences and interests.

On demand: Learners want to make choices around when, where, and how they consume our content. We want to ensure that our customers have a range of virtual “anytime” learning opportunities, to robust customized classroom experiences where our customers can interact in an intimate environment with our talented instructor and partner community. The future is multi-modal, and you can expect to see us invest in innovative tools and functionality to expand our best-in-class training experience to the digital platform.


Thank You

I have been deeply touched by the profound optimism and ingenuity of our team and our students. I am optimistic about the outlook for 2021 and look forward to seeing what we will achieve together. Stay safe, and see you in 2021!


Mike Phelan
Vice President, Strategy Professional Services


Iris Polit posting on behalf of Mike Phelan


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