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Committed to All Things VMware: Spotlight on Raymundo Escobar

Raymundo Escobar, Staff Consulting Architect, has made significant contributions to VMware’s Certification Program.  He has been a dependable resource in the creation of multiple levels of certification and a valuable member of the SME community.  Raymundo is so passionate about VMware that he literally wears the company name – it’s tattooed on his arm.

Ray has contributed as a subject matter expert during multiple competency modeling, item development, technical review, and standard setting workshops, as well as assisted with ongoing maintenance of VMware’s performance-based testing environments.  Ray’s knowledge and expertise of VMware NSX-T solutions has been invaluable.

Thank you Ray for your contributions to VMware’s certification program.  We look forward to having you assist with future exam development efforts.


What is your background? / How long have you worked in IT?

I have about 18 years of experience in IT with a background in Engineering Electronics and Communications as well as a MSC in Electronics and Communications.


What do you think makes for a great testing/online learning experience?

Online testing is a good experience. Don’t wait for the instructor to go deep. If you like the challenge, then this is right for you. Considering current events, online learning has become very valuable – making it possible to continue the journey in this big world of VMware solutions.


Why did you get involved in the VMware Education Contributor program?

I have been in the program for about four years. I wanted to give back and do something valuable for the community. I remember a workshop in Colorado with a bunch of smart guys a few years ago and it inspired me to get involved in exam development. 😊


What is the most desirable part of the Education Contributor program?

In my personal experience, the most desirable part is to be a part of such a great thing that impacts folks in other positions.

How have you benefited from the program?

I get the most from this program by being involved in the learning process; and putting in the right balance, from a technical standpoint, for each development project. For me, always thinking of others first is the most valuable thing. Second, but not least, the awesome people along the way that I meet through this program.


Fun Fact


Well, I love tattoos, and everyone close to me knows that. To celebrate my four years of achievement in my fun journey at VMware, I got a VMware tattoo on my right arm. A lot of people make funny jokes like what’s going to happen if I get fired. I always give the same answer, “nothing, just have a beer.”



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