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VCDX Spotlight: Paul Cradduck

Paul Cradduck, VCDX #244, gets real on why it’s okay to fail, how to keep going, and why he’s looking forward at attempting a second VCDX certification.



About Paul

My name is Paul Cradduck, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my amazing wife of 13 years. I have been into “IT” and all things electronic since I was old enough to push buttons. Button pushing, by the way, is the best way to learn what a button does; that has gotten me into more than my fair share of trouble. My early days in IT consisted of commenting out lines of code in command.com files to free up enough RAM to play games on my first PC. As well as reinstalling sound card drives on widows 3.1 after I messed them up. It is safe to say I was hooked from the word go. In more recent years, I have grown to love virtualization and architecture and was honored to have passed my VCDX and be welcomed into the community as number 244. Since then, I have come to embrace and love all things cloud and automation as I no longer want to have to spend hours racking servers just to bring up a single application.



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