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Upcoming Exam Retirement Dates

With the release of new certification exams, we will be retiring previous versions of existing exams. The exams listed below will retire on August 30, 2019.


If you are preparing to take one of these exams, this will give you enough time to study, prepare and schedule the exam. You may also start to prepare for the next version (listed in the table as the replacement exam.)


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  1. Mr. Childs, I have been looking anywhere and everywhere for someone to possibly help me with a certification issue I am having. I took my VCP training at San Antonio College, which I believe is considered an IT Academy. Everytime I got ready to take my exam I called vmware certificate support to make sure I was taking the correct exams. They guided me to take the foundations exam, then the PSE version of the DCV exam, and on the second retake I told them I ran out of vouchers, so they instructed me to take the regular (non-PSE) version of the DCV exam the second time. So now I have taken the class and passed, taken the foundations exam and the DCV exam and passed but am not certified. They keep instructing me that I have to take a boot camp class and pass for certification or take the PSE versions of the exams again and pass for certification. After I passed the exam I called support and they said I was certified and should see my certification by Sunday night… On Monday, I called and they said they didn’t see where I took the class so I sent them the info. Then they said I need to take the exams over again but to take the PSE exam this time. When I explained that they are the ones they guided me each time to take those specific exams they basically asked me if I had any proof. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the phone calls each time as I didn’t think I would have to. Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. My case numbers are – Case 19194745705: CERT AMER: VCP6-DCV certificate and Case 19190570905: VCP6-DCV certification issue

    I have tried to escalate and talk to IT Academy but they would not let me. I asked for a manager and was told the manager was going to say the same thing. They claim they would try to talk to IT Academy and get an exception since the PSE and non-PSE versions have the same exact content but I don’t know at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Bernard, I apologize this has gone in circles for you. I received your note today from another VMware contact and have sent it on to a team member who will work your transcript and award the certification. From what you wrote, you have completed all the requirements, and although the PSE version is required for Academy candidates, you followed exactly as you were instructed, and you have passed the exams. Based on that, I have no problem issuing the certification for you.

      Thanks for reaching out to me!


  2. Hello, I took a VMWARE 6 class and passed my VCP6-DCV Foundations Exam 2v0-620 in August 2016. I did not know that I needed another class to become VMWARE certified professional. Can I take the new replacement test, 2v0-21.19 for 6.7 to become vmware certified? Thanks.

    2V0-621 VCP6-DCV Exam Registration Number 302461431

    1. Hi Jonathon, since you’ve passed the Foundations exam, you may earn your VCP-DCV 2019 by passing just the one remaining 2V0-21.19 exam. You do not need to take an additional training.


  3. Hi.

    I have scheduled my 2V0-622PSE: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (6.5) Exam
    Now I was trying to take the 6.5 foundations exam I cannot find it. It looks it has been retired (although I took the course at Tafe NSW after the retirement date).

    Now I am not sure if I can take the 6.7 foundation exam + 2V0-622PSE and I will be certified?
    Please advise.

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