The VCP 2019 Certifications Are Here!

A couple of weeks ago I shared insight into our 2019 certification plans and timing. You can read that blog here.


I’m happy to announce the new VCP 2019 certifications are now live! You can start earning them by passing any of the applicable exams, including the new DCV exam based on vSphere 6.7, right away.


See the requirements and details for each track here:




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    1. Hi Mahesh,

      The code for the VCP-DCV 2019 exam based on vSphere 6.7 is 2V0-21.19.

      The Foundations exam based on 6.7 will be out in a couple weeks and that number will be 2V0-01.19.


  1. Hi Karl,

    I’ve completed my training course last year in VMware vSphere 6.5 Install, Configure, Manage.

    Now I would like to take the Foundations and Professional – Data Center Virtualization exams.

    My question is am I eligible to write the 6.7 exams or do I have to write the exams for 6.5?


    1. Hi MMirza, you may take any version of the Foundations exam, but the course and the VCP exam need to be on the same version. That will award you the VCP-DCV 2019 certification.


  2. May you help me i have passed VCP 6.5 and there is no expire date on the certificate?
    what may the reason?

    1. Hi Mohamed, this is due to back-end programming that is in progress. You will see some changes and messages regarding the display over the next few days.


  3. Hello Karl,

    Why is the delta exam much shorter (40Q versus 70Q) than the regular DCV67 exam, and does it have the same price? When I did the 6.5 delta exam, there was only a slight difference in the number of questions. That makes it more interesting for me to do the “full” exam instead of the delta exam.

    Another question; there are some slight differences in the 6.7update1 version compared to 6.7; which version is leading when it comes to exam questions?


    1. Hi Marcel, yes, the new delta exam is just that – a delta. It focuses on just the differences between 6.7 and 6.0/6.5 and so as a result is a little shorter. It asks questions based on the features available in 6.7. However, it still tests the same domains, based on the candidate already having proven their expertise through the prior certification.

      But the full exam will also work to upgrade, and is always an option. The cost is the same for both, as they are both proctored exams taken at test centers.

      The tests are written to the 6.7 u1 version.


      1. Thanks for the answer Karl,

        My main issue is that here’s always some annoying questions (factoids mainly), which are easy to miss. If you have only 40 questions, that’s a bit of pain. With 70 questions, there’s enough decent questions to pass, and you don’t have to worry about some details you’ve missed.

        In the recent past I’ve had some frustrating experiences with Microsoft exams, so that’s where my point is coming from (lots of stupid factoids/annoying details, higher passing score, low number of questions).

        I did the exam last week and I passed. A few questions were slightly dubious, but most questions were pretty decent. With experience and product knowledge, you should be able to answer most of the questions.

        Marcel van Os

        1. Thanks Marcel, I agree with you! We have been working over the last couple of years to improve our exams in just that way, to be more focused on the core competencies required by technical roles, and move away from simply those “remember” type of questions that are easily looked up on the job.


  4. I just passed the 2019 CMA, but it did not include an expiration date. Also, it did not renew my previous NV and DCV which expire shortly. Will that eventually get taken care of with the back-end work you mentioned above?

        1. Hi Besi, that announcement will come out very soon. If you’re on the path for it, though you have a little while. We won’t pull it immediately after announcing.

  5. Hi Karl,

    I’m currently VCP – DCV 6.0 certified and looking to renew my certification. I could take the delta route & certify to VCP 6.5 but would rather certify to 6.7 as it’s the most recent version. I understand this will obviously entail taking the full exam as a delta exam is not an option in this scenario. That said, on attempting to find any self-led course training material / literature to assist in certifying to VCP-DCV 6.7 level, material seems next to impossible to find in my experience.

    Could you offer any guidance / assistance as to where I could find relevant material?

    Thanks & regards,


    1. Hi David,

      There are On-Demand versions of the different 6.7 trainings. While that’s the closest aligned training, there will be additional self-study options coming out.

      There is both an updated study guide and a video-based Exam Prep currently being worked on. I believe ther are also a variety of videos on the Learning Zone, though not directly aligned to the exam.


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