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View the Top 3 Webcasts from 2018 On Demand


Here’s your chance to catch up with our three most popular webcasts from last year. Don’t miss out on the webcasts that your peers found most interesting in 2018.


Simplify Network Provisioning with Logical Routing and Switching using VMware NSX 

Did you know it’s possible to extend LANs beyond their previous boundaries and optimize routing in the data center? Or decouple virtual network operations from your physical environment to literally eliminate potential network disruptions for future deployments? Join us to learn how VMware NSX can make these a reality. We’ll also cover the networking components of NSX to help you understand how they provide solutions to three classic pain points in network operations:

  • Non-disruptive network changes
  • Optimized East-West routing
  • Reduction in deployment time through

Speaker: Joel West – Senior Technical Instructor, VMware


Uncover the Power of vSAN 

The first step toward digital transformation was virtualizating your servers with vSphere. The next step is to modernize your infrastructure with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) using VMware vSAN. In this webcast, we’ll share an overview of HCI and then dive into tips and tricks that will help you design and manage your vSAN environment. You’ll also learn how vSAN integrates with other VMware technologies including vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud on AWS, and gain a better understanding of why vSAN must be a part of your complete cloud solution.

Speaker: Javier Menendez – Senior Technical Instructor, VMware


Migrating to Workspace ONE: What You need to Know 

Migrating to Workspace ONE. What does it mean for AirWatch customers? Many existing AirWatch customers ask “What am I losing by migrating to Workspace ONE?” The answer is nothing! When you extend your existing AirWatch deployment to include Workspace ONE, you gain new capabilities and the ability to conquer challenges including:

  • Deliver any application from the latest mobile cloud apps to legacy enterprise apps
  • Unified app catalog transforms employee onboarding
  • Single sign-on that federates even the most complex on-premises Active Directory Topologies
  • Password-free access leveraging Device Trust and PIN/Biometric timeout settings for authentication

We’ll also provide an overview of Workspace ONE Intelligence, the new reporting capability in Workspace ONE. Workspace ONE powered by Intelligence aggregates and correlates device, application and user data together in one place to give you a complete view of your entire digital workspace environment.

Speaker: Joel West – Senior Technical Instructor, VMware





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