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How to install Windows in VMware Fusion using Easy Install

This video demonstrates how to install Windows guest operating system using the Easy Install feature in VMware Fusion.

Before creating a virtual machine, you must obtain the operating system and any necessary product keys for installation in that virtual machine. VMware Fusion does not come with any operating systems to install in virtual machines you create.

This method assumes that you are using a physical CD or a disk image (.iso / .cdr /.dmg file). You cannot create a Windows virtual machine by using .exe files downloaded from Microsoft, as those files need to be run on a Windows PC.

Installing VMware Workstation Pro 12 on Windows

This video tutorial quickly demonstrates how VMware Workstation Pro 12 can be installed on your Windows PC or laptop.

Before starting with the installation ensure that your physical machine meets all of the system requirements for VMware Workstation. See Getting Started with VMware Workstation 12.x for further details.

For instructions regarding how to download the software and additional information concerning the installation sequence see VMware Knowledge Base article Downloading and installing VMware Workstation (2057907).

Downloading and installing VMware Workstation 9.x on a Windows based system

Today, we have another Workstation 9 video for you.

In this video tutorial, we discuss and demonstrate downloading VMware Workstation 9.x using the online My VMware portal and then installing Workstation 9 on a Windows based system.

VMware Workstation 9 was released on August 23, 2012. You can choose between the Windows or Linux based versions of Workstation. Additional information and resources are available via these links:

For additional Workstation-related videos, be sure to check out the How To & Training: VMware Workstation playlist on our KBTV YouTube channel.