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New Free Webinars

VMware Support Delivery has announced a new series of webinars for our customers. Customers can join these live sessions on Thursdays. There is something for both beginners and more advanced customers. Anyone that is unable to attend the live events will be able to view the recorded versions of the sessions on the Friday of the same week.

To register to these webinars, open the attached 2015 Webinar catalog [pdf].

All webinars start at 15:00 GMT and will run for 45 – 60 min

26th Feb Journey to the Horizon from View to FLEX
(LEVEL) Beginner – Intermediate
* Wide focus from Horizon View over Mirage to FLEX
* New features in View, technology and features behind Mirage and FLEX
* Best practices for successful implementations and known issues

5th March vSphere Data Protection Extra
(LEVEL) Intermediate
* Broken Comms to vCenter
* Some MCS/GSAN views
* Manual Disk Restore via command line
* VMRun
* Q+A

12th March vCloud Director – Design and Scale
(LEVEL) Intermediate
* Highlight a recommended design
* How you can scale that design without hitting the config maximums and still getting the most out of your setup
* Some commonly encountered issues that occur due to bad practice rather than bad design

19th March vRealize Business
(LEVEL) Beginner
* vRB Standard: “How much does my VM cost?”
* vRB Advanced: “How much does my IT cost?”
* vRB Enterprise: “Are my IT Providers complying with their SLA’s?”

26th March NSX
(LEVEL) Beginner
* SDDC and network virtualization (concepts and connection between them)
* NSX components and features explained
* A typical lab walk-through with commands
* Q&A

23rd April vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery
(LEVEL) Intermediate
* What’s new
* Architecture
* How does it work
* Use case study

30th April Introduction to vRealize Orchestrator
(LEVEL) Beginner
* Orchestrator Overview
* What’s new in 6.0
* vRealize Orchestrator Elements
* Create a Simple Workflow
* Workflow Parameter Binding
* Invoking/Creating Actions

7th May Database maintenance
(LEVEL) Intermediate
* Backing up your database
* Getting the best performance from your vCenter
* Avoiding corruption on the vCenter appliance
* Q+A

14th May Overview of Storage I/O Control
(LEVEL) Intermediate- Advanced
* Why SIOC
* SIOC features
* Noisy Neighbour
* How SIOC helps
* Shares and increasing priorities
* Recommended latency thresholds
* Limit IOPS and SIOC

21st May What’s new in vSphere 6
(LEVEL) Beginner
* An overview of new features in vSphere 6
* Feature changes from vSphere 5.5
* New best practices

28th May vSphere Networking – Best Practices and Troubleshooting
(LEVEL) Beginner – Intermediate
* NIC Teaming
* Redundancy and Load Balancing
* vDS
* Common Issues

4th June Datacentre to vCloud Air over IPSec VPN
(LEVEL) Intermediate
* Overview of vCloud Air and vCloud Air networking
* Discussion on IPSEC VPN and how it is implemented in vCloud Air
* Setup example to an Edge Gateway in vCloud Air

11th June Migrating workloads to vCloud Air with vCloud Connector and Datacentre Extension
(LEVEL) Intermediate
* What is vCloud Connector and what does it do
* Configuration and setup of vCloud Connector Server and Node
* Copy templates from private datacentre to vCloud Air
* What is the Datacentre Extension
* Additional setup of vCloud Connector for Datacentre Extension
* Demonstration of a vm being stretched to vCLoud Air

25th June vRealize Automation
(LEVEL) Intermediate
* Tuning for scale

New book: Getting Started with VMware Fusion

One of our own, Michael Roy has just published his first book: Getting Started with VMware Fusion, written to help readers to get started running Windows on their Mac the right way.

Michael talks about how to import your physical PC into the virtual world, and provides practical examples of how to keep your new Virtual Machine secure, backed up, and running smoothly.

Going a bit deeper, he teaches you about snapshots explaining their great uses, and also using Linked Clones in VMware Fusion Professional.

Michael Roy started at VMware working on VMware Fusion version 2 in 2009, where he co-led a world-class global support team, giving customers the help they needed to get the most out of VMware Fusion. He currently specializes in Technical Marketing for Hybrid Cloud Services.

FREE: vCloud Hybrid Service Instructional Videos

A new set of free vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) Instructional s provide a technical tour of the vCloud Hybrid Service, what it is, how you can procure it, use cases, follow-on training, and more. Each video is under 10 minutes and is a valuable start to your vCHS learning. Be sure to take the quiz at the end to verify your understanding!


  • Introduction to vCloud Hybrid Service
  • VMware vCloud Hybrid Service User Interface Tour
  • Features of the vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) Gateway
  • Creating Your first vApp
  • Using vCloud Connector (vCC)

Using vSphere Web Client Plug-in

New FREE Instructional Videos on SDDC, Horizon Suite and more

In case you missed it, VMware Education Services has just posted ten new FREE instructional videos on varied topics that are now available for your viewing pleasure, specifically:

14 new free VMware Horizon Mirage instructional videos

We have just added 14 FREE English VMware Horizon Mirage instructional videos presented by @LinusBourque to our growing library of educational videos!

The video series begins with a product introduction and describes use cases for VMware Horizon Mirage, but then we get right into tutorial mode, demonstrating how to get started on the right foot when using the product. There’s even a link to free training. What more could you ask for?

Topics include:

  • Horizon Mirage Overview
  • Horizon Mirage Use Cases
  • Horizon Mirage Installation
  • Horizon Mirage Installation Demo
  • Using the Horizon Mirage Management Console
  • Creating Reference CVD (Centralized Virtual Device)
  • Creating Reference CVD Demo
  • Creating the Base Layer
  • Creating the Base Layer Demo
  • Creating the App Layer
  • Creating the App Layer Demo
  • File Portal Demo
  • Driver Profiles and File Portal
  • Driver Profiles Demo

Click here to proceed directly to the 14 new free VMware Horizon Mirage instructional videos or browse our other videos topics. Don’t forget to spread the word – use our sharing buttons above to tell your friends.