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Rahul Verma

About Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma is a Operations Readiness Specialist within the Global Support Services - Knowledge Experience group at VMware. He likes movies and books that can be seen and read more than once. And he loves crossing over to the Dark Side of the Force, preferably in a room with a comfortable bed and dark curtains.

New KB articles published for week ending 17th June 2017

VMware NSX for vSphere

How to determine if vShield or vCloud Networking & Security is installed before deploying NSX
Date Published: 2017/06/12

“Disabled” HA Service status on Edge Appliances after enabling HA
Date Published: 2017/06/15

VMware Horizon

Computer-based Global Policy Objects (GPOs) that require a reboot to take effect are not applied on instant clones.
Date Published: 2017/06/12

Client Drive Redirection Does Not Work on Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703)
Date Published: 2017/06/15

VMware vRealize Automation

vRA authentication connectors failing when Sync Connector is down in HA environment
Date Published: 2017/06/12

“System.NullReferenceException” error received when you manually upgrade vRealize Automation IaaS Web component
Date Published: 2017/06/13

When viewing the Requests from the CAFE plugin inventory in vRealize Orchestrator 7.3, you receive a NullPointer Exception
Date Published: 2017/06/15

Upgrade to vRA 7.3 fails while upgrading DEM and/or DEO
Date Published: 2017/06/13

VMware Identity Manager

VMware Identity Manager Cloud Hosted IP Addresses Change for Americas Region
Date Published: 2017/06/12

VMware ESXi

After upgrading ESXi hosts to ESXi600-201706001 Hardware 3D graphics functioning fails
Date Published: 2017/06/12

VMware vSAN

vSAN Cluster Incorrectly Displays Network Mode as Multicast
Date Published: 2017/06/14

After reboot diskgroups are not mounted
Date Published: 2017/06/16

How to mount disk group using esxcli commands in vSAN
Date Published: 2017/06/16

vSAN Host Not Contributing Stats with SSL error
Date Published: 2017/06/16

VM Storage policy for VM’s may report as “Not applicable” in vSAN
Date Published: 2017/06/16

vSAN Health Check reporting congestion
Date Published: 2017/06/16

VMware vRealize Log Insight

vRealize Log Insight Agent for Linux auto-update depends on HOME environment variable
Date Published: 2017/06/14

VMware vCenter Server

Applying host profile after upgrade of vCenter server to 6.5.0d fails with “no suitable host in the inventory”
Date Published: 2017/06/14

Upgrading vCenter Server 6.0 U3 to vCenter Server 6.5 fails
Date Published: 2017/06/16

vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service gets crashed
Date Published: 2017/06/16

New KB articles published for week ending 10th June 2017

VMware App Volumes

When running background jobs, errors may occur
Date of Published: 2017/06/06

VMware ESXi

ESXi 6.5 Host Fails With a Purple Screen Diagnostic, Indicating That CPU XX / World XXXXXX Tried to Re-Acquire a Lock
Date of Published: 2017/06/06
“ACPI Warning: 32/64X length mismatch….” message in ESXi VMkernel log
Date of Published: 2017/06/06
/Power/PerfBias defaults to 4294967294 and cannot be changed on ESXi 6.5 Hosts
Date of Published: 2017/06/06
Unable to increase datastore using the vSphere Web Client
Date of Published: 2017/06/06

VMware Horizon

Cannot browse OU during virtual desktop pool customization
Date of Published:2017/06/07
Higher contrast color in remote desktops when H.264 is enabled in Horizon Client for Windows
Date of Published:2017/06/07
Horizon Client for Android is not compatible with Samsung Chromebook Plus Model XE510C24
Date of Published:2017/06/07
Horizon Client printer redirection feature consumes too much memory on Windows 10 Creators client
Date of Published:2017/06/07
In Enterprise Center, user cannot reserve any Virtual Machine
Date of Published:2017/06/05

VMware NSX for vSphere

“Guest Introspection Service is not ready” error in Guest Introspection service deployment
Date of Published: 2017/06/09
NSX Edge hangs with /var/log partition at 100% disk usage 
Date of Published: 2017/06/09
NSX Manager detecting duplicate of it’s own IP 
Date of Published: 2017/06/09

VMware User Environment Manager

How to roam Windows 10 Start Menu layout
Date of Published: 2017/06/07

VMware vCloud Director

Adding Distributed Firewall and Advanced Networking Services rights using the API in vCloud Director 8.20
Date of Published: 2017/06/05

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 Sizing Guidelines
Date of Published: 2017/06/07
Removing the vRealize Operations Manager Plugin from vSphere After Upgrading to 6.6
Date of Published: 2017/06/05

VMware vRealize Automation

Puppet Configuration Management item is not available for use in vRealize Automation 7.3 Blueprints
Date of Published: 2017/06/08

VMware vRealize Infrastructure Navigator

Postgres Does Not Start After Applying the Security Patch for vRealize Infrastructure Navigator
Date of Published: 2017/06/09

VMware vSAN

bytesToSync values appear incorrectly for RAID5/6 objects
Date of Published: 2017/06/05
Controller firmware health check warning if multiple firmware versions are supported
Date of Published: 2017/06/05
False Alarm for the vSAN Health Check ‘All hosts have a Virtual SAN vmknic configured’
Date of Published: 2017/06/05
SSD congestion might cause multiple virtual machines to become unresponsive
Date of Published: 2017/06/05
Troubleshooting vSAN Witness Node Isolation
Date of Published: 2017/06/08
Using objtool on a vSAN witness host might cause an ESXi host to fail with a Purple Screen Of Death
Date of Published: 2017/06/05
vSAN Datastores are inaccessible in vSphere 6.0 update 2 and update 3
Date of Published: 2017/06/05

New KB articles published for week ending 3rd June 2017

VMware App Volumes

Two writable volumes are created for a user
Date of Published : 2017/05/31

VMware Horizon

Horizon 7 Supported Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
Date of Published: 2017/05/31
VMware Horizon 7 Sizing Limits and Recommendations
Date of Published : 2017/05/31
Deployment of Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 10 with ThinApp 5.x
Date of Published : 2017/05/31

VMware Integrated OpenStack

VIO Instances Lose Floating IPs When router_type Is Changed
Date of Published: 2017/06/01

VMware NSX for vSphere

Best Practices for Upgrading NSX for vSphere
Date of Published: 2017/05/29

VMware vCenter Application Discovery Manager

vCenter Application Discovery Manager (ADM) 7. 1 Final Extension of General Support Announcement
Date of Published: 2017/06/02

VMware vCenter Server

Logging into the vSphere Web Client using an FQDN containing .swf fails
Date of Published: 2017/06/02
Supported functionality in the HTML5 vSphere Client for vSphere 6.5
Date of Published: 2017/05/31

VMware vRealize Automation

Attempting to bulk import virtual machines to vRealize Automation fails due to duplicate deployment name
Date of Published: 2017/05/31
Configuring SAN certificates for vRA instances where the IaaS server domain names differ from the load balancer domain
Date of Published: 2017/05/31

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

Logging into Cassandra fails due to missing configuration in vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 and later
Date of Published: 2017/05/31
The scoreboard widget cannot display more than 100 items in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
Date of Published: 2017/06/01

VMware vSAN

“The ramdisk “vsantraces” is full” error reports in vSAN logging
Date of Published: 2017/05/29
Cannot unmount temporary datastore used for vSAN traces from vSAN cluster ESXi hosts
Date of Published: 2017/05/29
Migrating a vSAN host from one vCenter to an another vCenter
Date of Published:2017/05/30

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers

Unable to change vSphere Integrated Containers Registry Instance Authentication from Local Database to LDAP after Populating the database with users and projects
Date of Published: 2017/06/01

VMware vSphere Web Client

Unable to start Web Client service after upgrade
Date of Published: 2017/05/29

VMware ESXi

Intel SSD Data Center Tool
Date of Published: 2017/05/29

VMware vRealize Configuration Manager

Unable to export or email reports in VCM
Date of Published: 2017/05/29

VMware vSphere Web Client

Unable to start Web Client service after upgrade
Date of Published: 2017/05/29

Creating Effective SRs

Recently we have been doing analysis of Customer SR data in an attempt to determine ways to provide quicker resolution to our Customers. In many of the SRs we have reviewed we observed a trend. When customers open an SR many of the times their environments are down and/or projects are impacted and getting a quick resolution from GSS is critical. However, when the SRs are filed they usually lack details or provide details which are irrelevant for our troubleshooting. To get Customers the help they need as quickly as possible the GSS Solution Architect team put together the following list of requirements when opening a SR.

Required Data: 

  • Error messages observed, along with a description of the problem.
  • Business impact of the failure (unable to proceed with implementation, system down, user inconvenience, etc.)
  • Date and Time (including time zone) for when the event occurred.
  • Troubleshooting steps that you have taken.
  • Logs for all products involved.
  • Versions from all products involved.
  • Has there been any recent changes to your environment?

Optional Data:

  • Reproduction of the issue
    • Steps for reproduction
    • Date and time (including time zone) of reproduction.
  • Logs of reproduction.
  • If this has happened before or in other locations, please provide details.
  • What is the frequency of the issue?
  • What environment is this impacting?
  • Is there any workaround for the issue?
  • Please provide any relevant architectural diagrams for the issue.

Content Provided by James Walker

James Walker is a Senior Solution Architect with Global Support Services. He is a VMware Certified Implementation Expert in Data Center Virtualization, Network Virtualization, and Cloud Management and Automation. He works and lives in Colorado and enjoys taking his two girls up to the mountains to hike and ski.

Top vRealize Log Insight articles for May 2017

  1. Update sequence for vSphere 6.5 and its compatible VMware products
  2. FAQ: Log Insight for vCenter Server
  3. Status of TLSv1.1/1.2 Enablement and TLSv1.0 Disablement across VMware products
  4. Authentication to VMware vRealize Log Insight fails with the error: DuplicateUserException: A matching user already exists
  5. Active Directory Authentication in VMware vRealize Log Insight
  6. VMware vRealize Log Insight deployment with reused IP address fails to initialize
  7. Disabling RC4 Cipher on vRealize Log Insight (vRLI) versions prior to 3.3

Top 20 Horizon View articles for May 2017

  1. Administration dashboard in VMware Horizon View reports the error: Server’s certificate cannot be checked
  2. The View virtual machine is not accessible and the View Administration console shows the virtual machine status as Already Used
  3. Creating or recomposing a pool fails with error: Invalid value for parameter dgid passed to view composer function
  4. Connecting from the View Client to a VMware View desktop using PCoIP protocol over a WAN fails with the error: The connection to the remote computer ended
  5. Cannot detach a Persistent Disk in VMware View Manager 4.5 and later
  6. Settings tab is not available in the display control panel of a Horizon View desktop in local mode when the agent is installed with PCoIP protocol
  7. Moving View-managed desktops between VMware vCenter Servers is not supported
  8. Provisioning VMware Horizon View desktops fails with error: View Composer Agent initialization error (16): Failed to activate software license
  9. Mitigation of CVE-2011-3389 (BEAST) for web server administrators
  10. Horizon Client cannot logon to Connection Server fails an error http error 505
  11. Installing or upgrading to VMware Horizon View Security Server 5.1 or later fails with the error: Error 28083. IPsec setup failed
  12. After reinstalling or upgrading the View agent, the View Administrator console reports the message: Agent Unreachable
  13. Disk space reclamation fails with a “No wipable disks found” error if CBT is enabled on a virtual machine
  14. VMware Horizon View Admin dashboard for vCenter Server 5.1 displays the message: VC service is not working properly
  15. Editing an existing pool in the VMware View web admin interface fails with the error: One of required objects is not found in the VirtualCenter server <IP address/hostname>
  16. Importing VMware View 5.0 or earlier Connection Server SSL certificate to a View 5.x or later Connection Server
  17. Recomposing VMware View pool fails with the error: Provisioning error occurred for Machine xxxxxx:Refit operation resync failed
  18. USB redirection does not work after upgrade to View 5.2 and 5.3
  19. Unable to cancel a failed recompose task from the task list in the View Administrator
  20. “View Composer Active Directory Authentication Error”

Top 20 vRealize Operations Manager articles for May 2017

  1. After cancelling the selected alerts in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x, one or more of the selected alerts remain active
  2. Gemfire report certificate path errors in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
  3. Change the IP address on a vRealize Operations Manager 6.0.x single-node deployment
  4. Web pages, product UI, admin UI or API docs do not load completely
  5. Session Data is missing in vRealize Operations for Horizon
  6. Log in to the Admin or Product UI of VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x as admin fails with the error: Incorrect User name/Password
  7. Configuring adapter instances or accessing the Certificates page in VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x fails with the error: FileNotFoundException: /data/vcops/blob/Certificate/
  8. vRealize for Horizon/Published Applications binary file signature expired
  9. Pairing vRealize Operations Manager 6.x with a VMware vSphere vCenter that has a weak certificate fails with the error: Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints
  10. “Objects are not receiving data from adapter instance” alerts in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
  11. Removing a solution from VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
  12. Ensuring adequate free disk space is available on VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x nodes
  13. Configuring VMware vRealize Orchestrator Remediation Adapter v1.0 fails with the error: 401 Full authentication is required to access this resource
  14. Login Fails using SSO Authentication Sources Configured with an External PSC in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
  15. Node status reports as Waiting for Analytics in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
  16. Data Import fails in VMware vRealize Operations Manager with OutOfMemory errors
  17. Custom vSphere tags are not displayed in VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
  18. Unable to delete generated Dashboards in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x Standard
  19. Optimization of vRealize Operations Manager generated capacity planning metrics in 6.3
  20. Cannot see health badge in vSphere Webclient

Top 20 vRealize Automation articles for May 2017

  1. Logging in to a tenant with verified administrator credentials or user credentials fails in vRA 6.2.x
  2. Joining the VMWare vCenter Server Appliance or VMware vRealize Automation Identity Appliance to a domain fails with the error: Error trying to join AD, error code [31]
  3. “Hard disk x’ ExternalDiskID:”xx”vm: ‘xx-dvsa ‘ does not have or lost its storage” error vRealize Automation
  4. Logging in to tenant fails after adding authenticated proxy config in VAMI in vRealize Automation 7.x
  5. Directory sync in vRA 7.x fails with error ‘Connector Communication failed with Response’
  6. Various tasks fail while calling stored procedures with errors: “Error executing query usp_<SP Name>”
  7. “Invalid Argument” error when assigning an external value in vRealize Automation
  8. Connecting to a resource using the Remote Console (VMRC) option in VMware vRealize Automation 6.2.1 fails with the error: Cannot establish a remote console connection
  9. vRA 7.0.x Manager Service extensibility callouts to Event Broker fails
  10. Error “Allocation request…failed with [null]” after provisioning machines in vRA
  11. Attempting to bulk import virtual machines to vRealize Automation fails due to duplicate deployment name
  12. “[Error code: 42100 ] – [Error Msg: Infrastructure service provider error: The action is invalid for the machine.]” in vRA 7.x
  13. Notification email lookups on groups defined for manager emails results with a 404 error in VMware vRealize Automation 6.x
  14. “HTTP Error 400. The request is badly formed” error while accessing the Infrastructure tab in vRA
  15. Requesting a published XaaS blueprint in vRA 7.0.x fails with the error: “Failed to retrieve form from provider”
  16. Error ‘Unable to authenticate user. Please try again’ when logging to vRA 6.2.x VAMI page
  17. “The data specified within the request is invalid. Composite error.” error in vRA 7.2
  18. “42000:xxxx.x is not a valid value for Int32” error appears under Business Management tab in vRA
  19. “Unable to connect on port” error when logging in to the vRealize Orchestrator
  20. The Infrastructure tab in vRealize Automation reports the error: HTTP Status 502



Top 20 vSAN articles for May 2017

  1. Component metadata health check fails with invalid state error
  2. Cannot view or add vSAN Storage Providers in the vSphere Web Client
  3. “Host cannot communicate with all other nodes in vSAN enabled cluster” error
  4. A virtual machine on a vSAN datastore might be renamed when vSAN becomes inaccessible
  5. Dying Disk Handling (DDH) in vSAN 6.6
  6. VMware vSAN upgrade best practices
  7. Powering on virtual machines in VMware vSAN 5.5 fails with error: Failed to create swap file
  8. vSAN PCIE/NVMe SSDs Receive Warning for HCL Health Check
  9. VMware vSAN Network Health Check for MTU check fails in a Stretched Cluster
  10. Initializing vSAN during boot takes a longer time
  11. vSAN hosts may encounter a purple screen during object cleanup operations
  12. Shutting down and powering on a vSAN 6.x Cluster when vCenter Server is running on top of vSAN
  13. Potential ESXi host failures when hot unplugging SSD disks backed by LSI controllers
  14. Cannot export/download .vmem files from a vSAN datastore for memory dump analysis
  15. “Cannot complete file operation” error during vSAN VM creation
  16. Using small magnetic disks for vSAN might result in VM failures
  17. “out of resources” error when entering maintenance mode onvSAN hosts with large vSAN objects
  18. VM provisioning operations may take a longer time to complete when using Intel SSD DC P3xxx NVMe as caching tier on vSAN 6.6 and vSAN 6.2 (vSphere 6.0 Update 3)
  19. VMware vSAN witness appliance may be using evaluation license key instead of embedded key
  20. vSAN Health Service – Cluster Health – Advanced vSAN configuration in sync

Top 20 NSX articles for May 2017

  1. “The backing EAM agency for this deployment could not be found” error after restore from backup
  2. ESXi 5.5 and 6.0 hosts fail with a PSOD: VMCIEventDelayedDispatchCB@com
  3. Duplicate VTEPs in ESXi hosts after rebooting vCenter Server
  4. NAT does not translate IP addresses when NSX Edge firewall is disabled
  5. Migrating ESG or DLR Control VM using vSphere Web Client fails
  6. Process to change VXLAN port from 8472 to 4789 may fail or never complete
  7. Net Packet Heap issue in VMware ESXi 5.5.x and 6.0.x running an NSX for vSphere Edge
  8. Windows virtual machines using the vShield Endpoint TDI Manager or NSX Network Introspection Driver (vnetflt.sys) driver fails with a blue diagnostic screen
  9. “Error while doing IP configuration” when deploying NSX Service
  10. Backing up the NSX Manager to OpenSSH 7.x or later fails
  11. EAM fails with OutOfMemoryErrors
  12. “The pending transaction requires xxx MB free space” error when installing VIBs
  13. Guest Introspection status “Warning: Guest Introspection service not ready”
  14. Deploying NSX Service fails with the error: Failed to deploy agent vm due to error: vim.fault.NoDiskSpace
  15. SSL VPN fails when using Mac OS Sierra or El Capitan on NSX
  16. Distributed Firewall (DFW) packets hitting Default Rule instead of previous Rule allowing/blocking designated traffic
  17. Fenced vApps fails in vCloud Director 8.20 after upgrading to NSX for vSphere 6.3.x
  18. “Internal server error has occurred” when editing an NSX Edge
  19. Modifying the VXLAN port in NSX fails
  20. NSX Manager CPU consistently at 100% with ARP snooping enabled