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Ashwini Srinivas

About Ashwini Srinivas

Ashwini Srinivas is a Knowledge Champion within the Global Support Services - Knowledge Experience group at VMware. Her specialization is on EUC and VMware vSphere products. Her hobbies are dancing, cooking and designing and interested in meeting new people, enjoys communicating and networking with people.

New KB articles published for week ending 26th August 2017

VMware ESXi

Connection to iSCSI Datastore is lost with the error “(inaccessible)” 

The vpxd service fails to start after vCenter is migrated from vSphere 6.0 to 6.5


VMware NSX for vSphere

Partial firewall rule is seen on the vNIC with ‘Applied To’ configuration set to ‘Policy Security Group’

VMware vSphere Data Protection

Unable to consolidate virtual machine snapshots due to file lock by VDP appliance


Top 20 vRealize Automation articles for July 2017

  1. VMware vCloud Suite 7 Fulfillment 
  2. Update sequence for vSphere 6.5 and its compatible VMware products 
  3. Removing a virtual machine from vRealize Automation 7.x using Cloud Client 
  4. Update sequence for vSphere 6.0 and its compatible VMware products 
  5. Joining the VMWare vCenter Server Appliance or VMware vRealize Automation Identity Appliance to a domain fails with the error: Error trying to join AD, error code [31] 
  6. Repairing or updating the trust between all components within vRealize Automation 6.x environment
  7. How to use JXplorer to update the LDAP string for an identity source for vRA 6.0.x, 6.1.x 
  8. Setting the Kerberos token size for vRealize Automation deployments 
  9. After the vRA update, Infrastructure tab fails with 401 Error 
  10. Group does not show any members in vRA UI 
  11. Status of TLSv1.1/1.2 Enablement and TLSv1.0 Disablement across VMware products 
  12. How to backup or export embedded Postgres DB from vRealize Automation appliance 
  13. SSL_ERROR_SSL during handshake: error:1408A0C1:SSL routines:ssl3_get_client_hello:no shared cipher” error in vRA 7.x 
  14. Deleting existing business groups in vRealize Automation 7.x fails with “Remote Service Error” 
  15. Unable to add Active Directory users or groups to vCenter Server Appliance or vRealize Automation permissions 
  16. Confirming VMware vRealize Automation 7.x Guest Agent functionality 
  17. Directory sync in vRA 7.x fails with error ‘Connector Communication failed with Response’ 
  18. Network adapters disappear from a recently provisioned VM in vRA UI after data collection 
  19. vRA 7.x is configured with shortname instead of FQDN 
  20. Error ‘Unable to authenticate user. Please try again’ when logging to vRA 6.2.x VAMI page 

Top 20 vRealize Operations Manager articles for July 2017


  1. Update sequence for vSphere 6.5 and its compatible VMware products 
  2. Removing the vRealize Operations Manager Plugin from vSphere after upgrading to vROps 6.6 
  3. Enabling SSH access in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x 
  4. Session Data is missing in vRealize Operations for Horizon 
  5. vRealize Operations Manager 6.x Health Data is not present in the vSphere Web Client 
  6. Removing a solution from VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x 
  7. vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 Upgrade fails with the error: FailedPAK action “run cassandra db upgrade” failed 
  8. vRealize Operations Manager Sizing Guidelines 
  9. VMware vRealize Operations 6.2.1, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 patch to address CVE-2017-5638 
  10. VMware vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon dashboards show No Data or only have a vSphere vCenter Server structure populated with no Horizon View Data
  11. Gemfire report certificate path errors in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x 
  12. After cancelling the selected alerts in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x, one or more of the selected alerts remain active 
  13. vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 and 6.6.1 Sizing Guidelines
  14. vSphere 6.x Tags Are Not Populated in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x 
  15. Manually removing a node from the VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x cluster 
  16. Upgrading an Endpoint Operations Management Agent from Version 6.2 and above to Version 6.3 
  17. How to configure a standalone instance of vRealize Operations Manager in a VMware Cloud Foundation environment 
  18. vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon does not display PCoIP metric data 
  19. Ensuring adequate free disk space is available on VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x nodes 

Top vRealize Log Insight articles for July 2017

  1. Update sequence for vSphere 6.5 and its compatible VMware products 
  2. FAQ: Log Insight for vCenter Server
  3. Upgrade to vRealize Log Insight 4.0.0 fails with error “State mismatch on bucket” 
  4. VMware Cloud Foundation deployed ESXi hosts use TCP to communicate with vRealize Log Insight
  5. VMware Response to CVE-2017-1000364, CVE-2017-1000366, CVE-2017-1000367, and CVE-2017 1000376: ‘The Stack Clash’ privilege escalation vulnerabilities 
  6. Important information before upgrading to vSphere 6.0 
  7. Downloading Export Event Results, Export Chart Data, Export Content Pack, and Export Support Bundle fails in Log Insight 3.3.x 

Top 20 Horizon View articles for July 2017

  1. Provisioning or recomposing a linked clone desktop pool fails
  2. Removing invalid linked clone entries automatically using the ViewDBChk tool in VMware Horizon View 5.3 and later versions
  3. Removing a standard (replica) connection server or a security server from a cluster of connection/security servers
  4. Confirming that the userinit string is configured properly
  5. Cleaning up after an incomplete uninstallation on a Windows host
  6. Finding and removing unused replica virtual machines in the VMware Horizon View
  7. Using Microsoft Certreq to generate signed SSL certificates in VMware Horizon View
  8. The View virtual machine is not accessible and the View Administration console shows the virtual machine status as Already Used
  9. Administration dashboard in VMware Horizon View reports the error: Server’s certificate cannot be checked
  10. Antivirus executable exclusion list for VMware Horizon View
  11. Configuring VMware View full clone pools to reuse desktop names
  12. Troubleshooting VMware Horizon HTML Access
  13. View Manager Admin console displays the error: Error during provisioning: Unexpected VC fault from View Composer (Unknown)
  14. Changing the log file behavior in the VMware View components 
  15. Migrating linked clone pools to a different or new datastore 
  16. Recomposing the VMware View desktop fails with the error: view composer diskfault: disk customization failed due to a certificate mismatch between ufa and esx 4
  17. Provisioning View desktops fails due to customization timeout errors
  18. Error attaching to SVGADevTap, error 4000: EscapeFailed reported by PCoIP server
  19. Configuring VMware View Event database on an SQL server fails with the error: An error occurred while attempting to configure the database
  20. Disabling default printer redirection in View Clients

New KB articles published for week ending 19th August 2017

VMware vRealize Automation

Unable to view any groups in directory Sync Settings “Groups” tab after upgrading from vRA 7.2 to 7.3
Date Published: 2017/08/14

“The current data type SECURE_STRING for the ‘xxxxxxxxx’ field must be STRING with API operation” error when submitting a blueprint in vRA that contains encrypted properties
Date Published: 2017/08/14

“Error getting cluster database nodes…” error when promoting a replica to master in vRA
Date Published: 2017/08/14

VMware vRealize Business for Cloud

“Cannot connect the virtual device IDE0:0….” error when you power on the vRB appliance in vSphere Web Client
Date Published: 2017/08/14

vCenter slows down/stops responding when it is added as an endpoint in vRB
Date Published: 2017/08/17

VMware vRealize Orchestrator

“Server restart is required because of not applied configuration change” error in vRO control center
Date Published: 2017/08/14

VMware ESXi

NFS datastores in a datastore cluster reporting incorrect free space used on the datastore
Date Published: 2017/08/14

IPFIX Netflow and flow sequence number inconsistent per vDS (unique per host) when vDS IP address is configured
Date Published: 2017/08/14

Virtual Machine reporting duplicate Network adapters
Date Published: 2017/08/16

VMware Integrated OpenStack

VIO When Adding new datastores to compute node Horizon Dashboard does not report space correctly
Date Published: 2017/08/16

VMware vSAN

vSAN Health Check – vMotion ping failures
Date Published: 2017/08/16

vSAN 6.6 Ondisk upgrade to version 5 fails with the error “A general system error occurred: Unable to complete Sysinfo operation…”
Date Published: 2017/08/16