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What’s New in VMware Skyline Advisor: May 2023

We’re pleased to announce the latest enhancements to VMware Skyline Advisor Pro.

A summary of the new features is below. For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Release Notes. Log into Skyline Advisor Pro today to see the new enhancements! 

Subscription Support

Customers with VMware subscriptions, including vSphere+, vSAN+, and VCF+ can now use Skyline Advisor Pro. Currently, the VMware Production Support level is assigned to all active subscriptions. 

  • When both an Entitlement Account (EA) and a Subscription are present, Skyline access is based on the highest Entitlement Account (EA) level.
  • To access Skyline, at least one EA or subscription needs to be active or linked.
  • The limited mode is activated after the last EA or subscription expires.

View information about your current EA and subscriptions on the Advisor Pro Dashboard.  

Skyline Advisor Pro Dashboard

On the Dashboard, you can view information about your current EA and subscriptions.

Skyline Advisor Pro Settings Enhancements

As a Skyline Advisor Pro Administrator, you can activate your subscriptions from Advisor Pro Settings. 

Skyline Advisor Log Assist

On the Log Assist page, you can see your Support Requests (SRs) and whether they are associated with an EA or a SaaS subscription.

SRs associated with an EA will have a numeric ID, while SRs associated with a Subscription will have an alphanumeric ID.

New Proactive Findings   

Several new proactive Findings have been released, including security vulnerabilities, trending support issues and more. Read more about the new Findings in the blog post

If you have questions about any of these announcements, please visit the Skyline Community.      

Skyline Collector Tip

Note that if your Collectors are running v3.1, you must manually upgrade them, due to an issue in how the proxy configuration is propagated from the Skyline UI through the backend service to the OS level. This has been resolved in subsequent Collector versions, and the Auto Upgrade function works as intended. Please refer to step-by-step manual upgrade instructions in this KB. We strongly recommend running the latest Skyline Collector version v3.4 to take advantage of all Skyline features. 

Best Regards,

The Skyline Team

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