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VMware Skyline Advisor Pro: What’s New February 2023

With the release of Skyline Collector 3.3, the VMware Skyline Team is pleased to announce the latest features in Skyline Advisor Pro that include:

  • Extending Skyline to Hyperscaler Provider Production Support (HPPS) and Authorized Service Providers (ASPs).
  • Integration Aria Operations for Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight)
  • Enhancing Log Assist
  • Restoring Deactivated Accounts

Hyperscaler Production Provider Support and Authorized Service Provider Account Entitlements

In addition to Production, Premier, and Success 360 Account Entitlements, Skyline now supports account entitlements for Hyperscaler Provider Production Support and Authorized Service Providers. These new account types provide the same level of features and capabilities as Production customers.

VMware Aria Operations for Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight) Support

Skyline supports VMware Aria Operations for Logs (vRealize Log Insight).

Dashboard and Inventory Integration

The Inventory Summary within the Dashboard view now displays the VMware Aria Operations for Logs details, including:

  • Name
  • Version
  • Build
  • Products Linked
  • Solutions
  • Integrations

Aria Operations for Logs with Log Assist Integration

Skyline’s latest update also allows you to transfer support bundles for Aria Logs with Skyline Log Assist, which dramatically streamlines the customer process of getting these specific logs to customer support.

Log Assist Enhancement’s

This release of Skyline Advisor Pro also provides two highly requested Log Assist enhancements.

Log Bundle Customization

Customers, like you, have told the team that they wanted to be able to define some advanced configurations that can make log uploads more customized to their specific issue at hand and help streamline the data that they want to send for resolution, instead of sharing everything, without any controls or settings.

So, this release gives customers the ability to Provide advanced configuration options for Log Assist actions for:

  • ESXi hosts- where you can  Exclude Core Dumps and Include vCenter Logs with the support bundle
  • As well as NSX-T: where you can can set the Log Age Limit.

Disable Log Assist

Additionally, Skyline Administrators have indicated that they wanted the ability to enable or disable Log Assist, based on their company’s policies, so that they can better control how want to consume the Skyline Service and adhere to company regulations.

So, this feature does just that. It provides better control over the data owned by the admins, by giving them the ability for Skyline Admins to Disable Log Assist functionality to other users of the organization.

Restore Deactivated Skyline Advisor Service

And finally, Skyline provides the ability for Skyline Administrators to Restore Deactivated Accounts. This is really helpful for accounts that have gone into an disabled state or has exceeded the 60-day grace period from account expiration. To remedy this, now, all a Skyline Administrator has to do is link at least one available account to restore access.

Start Leveraging These Features Today

This concludes to new feature overview. If you want to see these features in action, be sure to check out this video.


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