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Skyline Insights API – Send Results to Email

We have been asked to showcase Skyline Insights API with email.  You can pull the Findings results (aka CSV) from Skyline Advisor Pro or using the Skyline Insights API (or Skyline Automation Toolkit).    In the past, we have shown how to get the results and sending locally to a csv or externally to Slack, Pager Duty, Teams, ServiceNow and Jira.  While these examples cover most bases, some groups work out of email.  Providing the findings via email ensures teams are seeing consistent dataset without needing to log into Skyline Advisor Pro.  Here is a command that you need to run to send the result to any email of your choice (your own email, team email, or ticket system via email). 

Here is an example using corporate email (you will need to enter username/password): 

Here is the same example using a personal email (you will need to enter username/password): 

I have incorporated this example into the Skyline Automation Toolkit.  You can download the user manual via

Here is the step using Skyline Automation Toolkit (you will need to enter username/password): 

There you have it.  You now can send your findings via email.  If you want to add this feature to an automation process where you don’t enter username/password, let me know via comments.  I can add variable into the c:\skyline\SkylineUtils-config.ps1 file.


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