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Automated Endpoint Discovery

VMware Skyline Advisor Pro’s Automated Endpoint Detection feature, which currently supports Aria Operations (formerly vRealize Operations), Aria Automation (Formerly vRealize Automation), and Aria Suite Lifecycle (formerly vRealize Lifecycle Manager) will automatically detect unconnected endpoints and recommend that you connect them.

And, if you’re currently a Skyline customer, here’s why this feature is such a gamechanger.

Prior to Automated Endpoint Discovery, customers, like you, had to manually add each endpoint, and while our team tried to alleviate the tedium of this manual process with the introduction of the productivity-boosting Bulk Import feature, you still had to:

  • Assess your environment’s inventory.
  • Determine what there as far as supported endpoints.
  • Add them to our Bulk Import template for the Collector connect to.

And, as with all manual processes, the potential for human error is there. You could miss some endpoints.

So, needless to say, the benefits of Skyline’s automated endpoint discovery feature are two-fold:

  1. With Skyline acting as an extra set of eyes, you have greater visibility into your environment, knowing that the reported inventory is reliable.
  2. With the expanded coverage that comes with the additional endpoints, you have the availability to proactively avoid more issues.

Watch Automated Endpoint Detection in action.


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