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VMware Skyline Announcements at VMware Explore 2022

We have several exciting announcements we’re making at VMware Explore that further extend Skyline’s ability to boost customer productivity. Check them out below!

Tighter integration and a streamlined Aria Universal Suite Experience (formerly known as vRealize Cloud Universal)

A picture containing diagramDescription automatically generated Skyline will make it easier for customers to onboard to Aria Universal Suite with a streamlined experience that’s integrated directly into Skyline Advisor Pro. And since the integration is in Skyline, the single pane of glass experience that the service provides, where all the information you need is in a single location, becomes even more valuable. In addition to this, the process will be significantly faster, 50% faster as a matter of fact, so that you can get up and running more quickly and begin realizing the value of your subscriptions right away.

Automated endpoint discovery

IconDescription automatically generated Skyline Advisor Pro’s new automated endpoint discovery feature will automatically detect unconnected endpoints and recommend that you connect them. The first release will detect Aria Operations (formerly known as vRealize Operations) and Aria Automation (formerly known as vRealize Automation). And the benefits here are obvious, with the expanded inventory coverage that endpoint discovery provides, Skyline can better help you ensure that your resources are secure, stable, and resilient.

Reporting enhancements

IconDescription automatically generated Finally, Skyline’s Proactive Insights Report for VMware Success 360 will be restructured to mirror the new Success 360 tiering service. Basically, this means is that Success 360 customers will receive reports specific to their environments, based on the tier they purchased. And, in addition to this, self-service Insights Reports, where you can generate your own reports anytime, will be available for all Success 360 customers, instead of a subset of users.

But wait! There’s more! Premier Services customers will also have access to these self-service Insights Reports.

And with that, we’re excited about these new Skyline features and look forward to rolling them out to our customers.


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