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What’s New in VMware Skyline Advisor Pro: Dashboard Enhancements and Accelerated Email Delivery

We’re pleased to announce new VMware Skyline Collector 3.2 and Advisor Pro releases with dashboard enhancements, self-service reports for Success 360 and Premier Services, accelerated email notification delivery, and new proactive Findings.       

We strongly recommend updating your Skyline Collector to v3.2 to take advantage of all the new features, as well as upcoming features in subsequent releases. If you have the Auto-Upgrade feature enabled, note that we have detected an issue with Auto-Upgrade when running Skyline Collector version  Any Skyline Collector running v3.1.0.0 will not perform automatic upgrade to v3.2. We have identified a resolution for the issue in KB89230.  Manual upgrades will complete without incident, and all Skyline Collector versions before and future versions we release after v. are not impacted by this issue and should auto upgrade as expected. All your Collectors must be on v3.0 or above to access Skyline Advisor Pro, which is smarter, easier and 12X faster than Skyline Advisor. 

Receive a notification when new versions of the Collector are available.
Receive a notification when new versions of the Collector are available.

Skyline Collector 3.2 resolves a technical issue with NSX-T and Skyline Collector. When upgrading NSX-T from 3.x to 4.0.x the endpoint for Collector fails. This affects all versions of Collector up through We recommend upgrading to Collector v3.2 to resolve the issue. Please refer to KB89303 for details.

Note that customers running Collector v2.1 and below who have not upgraded will no longer see data provided by those Collectors in Skyline Advisor.  As a reminder, VMware supports n-2 versions of the Skyline Collector. Currently versions 2.8 and below are no longer actively supported under General Support. 

A summary of the new features is below. For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Release Notes and the Skyline Collector 3.2 documentation. Log into Skyline Advisor Pro today to see the new enhancements!  

Dashboard Enhancements

You can now click on Active Findings, Findings Type, Findings Category, Support Requests and Active Log Assists to jump to detailed views of each section directly from the main Dashboard.

Filters are now Integrated directly into the Dashboard.
Filters are now Integrated directly into the Dashboard.

Self-Service Reports for VMware Success 360 and Premier Services Customers

If you are a VMware Success 360 or Premier Services customer, you now have access to self-service Proactive Insights Reports. These customers can now generate and access self-service Insights Reports. With this new feature, Operational Summary Reports (OSR) will still be available to Premier Services customers, but no new OSR will be generated. The OSR will go End of Life (EOL) on October 17, 2022.

Create custom Insight Reports anytime.

Accelerated Delivery of Email Notifications

If you have subscribed to email notifications for critical Findings, you will now receive notifications within 24 hours of new critical Findings detected vs. 48 hours in previous versions.

Quickly get notification when Critical Findings are detected in your environment.

New Proactive Findings  

Several new proactive Findings have been released, including security vulnerabilities, trending support issues and more. Read more about the new Findings in this blog post.

Applicable new findings appear in Active Findings, as well as the Findings Catalog.

To see these features in action, check out our new feature video.

And, if you have questions about any of these announcements, please visit the Skyline Community.     


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VMware Skyline Team    


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