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Skyline Insights API – How To Get List and Details with PowerCLI

In the previous blog entries, I have shown how to get (a) get list of findings and (b) how to get the details (affected objects) using curl.   You can find that blog here.   Now I want to show the same information. This time, I am using Powershell/Powercli for our fellow Windows-based administrators. 

To get your Access Token, you need to do the following:


Now, to get the list, I will create a skyline.json file with the needed query.  I can run the json data internally.  I choose to do this that you can rerun using the same data.  You can even adjust the file to serve another need. 

Now that you have the list, you can highlight the preferred item to review the details.  When you run the “get-detail” code, you will need to add those inputs in.  Here is the code: 

Here is how you will run the “get-detail” code with “FINDINGID” and “SOURCE” (vcenter or management host): 

There you have it.  You can see the details in command line as you would inside Skyline Advisor Pro. 


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