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VMware Skyline Advisor Pro: Improved Support Notification Capabilities

We’re pleased to announce a new VMware Skyline Advisor Pro release with improved notification capabilities, including:

  • Extended End of General Support (EoGS) / End of Technical Guidance (EoTG) notifications
  • Faster Collector Health Status update notifications
  • Enhanced VMware Success 360 Insights Reports Powered by Skyline notifications
  • New Findings and Recommendations

Extended EoGS / EoTG Notifications

You will now see EoGS / EoTG notifications for ESXi hosts in the Notifications panel located on the Skyline Advisor Pro dashboard. This enables you to view the host expirations along with expirations for other inventory in your environment. Click here for more information on End of Life Insights.

Faster Collector Health Status Update Notifications

This release also improves the speed in which “Unhealthy Collector” notifications are removed from Skyline’s Notification panel, once you have restored their health, giving you a more accurate and timely snapshot of the status of your environment’s overall health when you log into Skyline’s Dashboard.

Enhanced VMware Success 360 Insights Reports Notifications

You will now receive email notifications when a VMware Success 360 Insights Report has been generated. Those emails will include context-sensitive links directly to the report(s) in Skyline Advisor Pro. Additionally, when you download a report in PDF format, the files will include context-sensitive links to the reports in Skyline Advisor Pro.

New Findings and Recommendations

And as always, Skyline is constantly extending its Findings Catalog with new Findings and Recommendations that notify you of potential issues that may have an impact on the environments that you monitor. For more details, be sure to check out our dedicated blogs for our updates in March and April.

For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Pro Release Notes. Log into Skyline Advisor Pro today to see the new enhancements!    

Did You Know?

You can get even more value from Skyline with the new Skyline Insights API, available from the main Advisor Pro Dashboard. Use the Insights API to integrate Skyline proactive Findings with your tools of choice, including IT service management systems, configuration automation tools, Slack and more!  Learn more here

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