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Skyline Advisor Pro Proactive Findings – May Edition

VMware Skyline Advisor Pro releases new Proactive Findings every month. Findings are prioritized by trending issues in VMware Support, issues raised through post escalation review, security vulnerabilities, and issues raised from VMware engineering, and customers.

For the month of May, we released 32 new Findings. Of these, there are 31 Findings based on trending issues, 0 based on VMSAs, and 1 based on post escalation reviews. We picked a few Findings from each of these categories which stand out in this release.

VMware Support Trending Issues

VMware Support trending issues are KBs that have solved a large number of SRs and/or viewed a large number of times.

In KB#81024, ESXi host could potentially crash during a storage rescan operation. The storage rescan takes up a high number of CPU counts, and storage heap messages appear prior to the ESXi host eventually running out of storage heap. Once the ESXi host runs out of storage heap the ESXi will PSOD with a SCSI commands such as “SCSIStartPathCommands” and “SCSISyncPathCmdWithRetries”. This storage heap issue has been resolved with VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 2c (build number 18426014).

  • Finding ID: vSphere-PSODstorageHeap-KB#84001
    • ESXi 7.0 U2a host experiences PSOD during storage rescan with references “SCSI path sc IP / SCSI path scan helpers” in backtrace.
    • Resolution: This issue is resolved in VMware ESXi 7.0u2c.
    • Critical

In KB#81024, ESXi host could potentially crash due to a race condition while accessing aioHandle. This has been reported on ESXi 7.0 U1 during View Instant clone reprovision operation on a scale of 2000 VMs with NFSv4.1. When the ESXi host does finally PSOD from the race condition you will see “LibAIODoAsyncIO” in the stacktrace. This issue has not been seen on VMFS or vSAN. This race condition has been resolved with VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 1c (build number 17325551).

  • Finding ID: Horizon-PSODInstantClone-KB#81024
    • ESXi 7.0 U1 host gives PSOD during View Instant clone reprovision operation on a scale of 2000 VMs with NFSv4.1.
    • Resolution: This issue is resolved in VMware ESXi 7.0u1c.
    • Critical

Post Escalation Review

VMware Technical Support has developed a Post Escalation Review process. We review critical escalations which come into our Escalation Management team and determine steps to prevent these escalations in the future with other customers. One of the outcomes of this process is the creation of Skyline Findings.

In KB#81024, VM’s do not receive the router queries to update Multicast tables accordingly. IGMPv3 Specific Query and IGMPv3 SSM (Source-Specific Multicast) Specific Query are dropped by the VMware Distributed Switches. When one of the clients leaves, the physical switch responds with an SSM Specific Query is being dropped. VMware ESXi does not treat SSM group-specific queries with src IP correctly. In VMware ESXi 6.7 Patch 06 and 7.0 Update 3c VMware fix makes IGMPv3 group-specific queries have the same code logic as a general query to leverage legacy lookup to dispatch, in this way, as long as the VNIC joins a group, the group’s specific query will be dispatched to this VNIC.

  • Finding ID: vSphere-IGMPv3groupsquery-KB#85847
    • Description: IGMPv3 Specific membership queries triggered when a VM leaves a multicast group are dropped by VDS
    • Resolution: This issue is resolved in VMware ESXi 6.7 Patch 06 and 7.0 Update 3c.
    • Moderate

To review all released Findings for the month of May and all current active VMware Skyline Findings please go to the VMware Skyline Findings Catalog.

Most Viewed Findings in Last 30 Days

Below are the most viewed Findings by users in Skyline Advisor Pro.

  1. vSphere-XHCI-USB-controller-VMSA#202204
  2. vSphere-VCFEsxNTPRule-KB#81647
  3. vSphere-CustomizeWindowsGuests-KB#1020716
  4. vSphere-Log4jremotecodeexe-VMSA#202128
  5. vSphere-VMmorethan3snapshots-KB#1025279
  6. vSphere-VCFEsxRemoteSysLogRule-KB#81648
  7. vSphere-Vmtoolsmemoryleak-KB#76163
  8. vSphere-CVE-2020-3992-VMSA#202023
  9. vSphere-SpectreMeltdown-VMSA#201804-2
  10. vSphere-VmUnresponsivememoryleak-KB#2077302
  11. vSphere-L1TerminalFault-VMSA#201820-3
  12. vSphere-PSODqlnativefc-KB#79495
  13. vSphere-CVE-2022-22943-VMSA#202207
  14. vSphere-StoragePathRedundancy
  15. vSphere-PSODQLogicFCHBA-KB#83790
  16. vSphere-CVE-2021-21997-VMSA#202111
  17. vSphere-VMFS-L-SDCards-KB#83376
  18. vSphere-VMsnapshotover7days-KB#1025279
  19. vSphere-VMToolsCVE20203941-VMSA#202002
  20. vSphere-VCFNoDVS-KB#81639


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