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Skyline Advisor Pro Proactive Findings – April Edition

VMware Skyline releases new Proactive Findings every month. Findings are prioritized by trending issues in VMware Support, issues raised through post escalation review, security vulnerabilities, and issues raised from VMware engineering, and customers.

For the month of April, we released 21 new Findings. Of these, there are 18 Findings based on trending issues, 1 based on VMSAs, and 2 based on post escalation reviews. We picked a few Findings from each of these categories which stand out in this release.

VMware Support Trending Issues

VMware Support trending issues are KBs that have solved a large number of SRs and/or viewed a large number of times.

In KB 83275, VCSA 7.0 Using vSphere HA (High Availability) and when a Datastore enters into All-Paths-Down (APD) state virtual machine failover never occurs. If an APD is introduced on all the datastores connected to a host, the FDM agent on the host will move into ‘uninitialized’ state. Due to this, the FDM agent on a host will not perform the VMCP operation (like terminating a VM). Hence, the impacted VM would not be restarted on any other host. This issue is resolved in VMware vCenter 7.0u2c.

  • Finding ID: vSphere-HAfailureAPD-KB#83275
    • Description: VCSA 7.0 Using vSphere HA (High Availability) and when a Datastore enters into All-Paths-Down (APD) state virtual machine failover never occurs.
    • Resolution: This issue is resolved in VMware vCenter 7.0u2c.
    • Helpful Link:
    • Severity: Critical

Post Escalation Review

VMware Support has developed a Post Escalation Review process. We review critical escalations which come into our Escalation Management team and determine steps to prevent these escalations in the future with other customers. One of the outcomes of this process is the creation of Skyline Findings.

In KB 88046, NSX-T 2.5.1 issue will cause the display_names table in some customer setup to grow huge and take long time/fail to checkpoint leading to /config size increase. This will result in NSX UI becoming accessible or new config takes a long time to get created if /config usage keeps increasing. The cause of this issue is because the Display_Name Cleaning Task was disabled due to Spring configuration re-organization. This issue is resolved in NSX-T for data center 3.0.3 and

  • Finding ID: NSXT-clusterdown-KB#88046
    • Description: NSX-T cluster down, checkpoint failures.
    • Resolution: This issue is resolved in NSX-T for data center 3.0.3 and
    • Helpful Link:
    • Severity: Critical

Security Vulnerabilities

In VMSA-2022-0009, VMware vCenter Server updates address an information disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2022-22948). The vCenter Server contains an information disclosure vulnerability due to improper permission of files. VMware has evaluated the severity of this issue to be in the Moderate severity range with a maximum CVSSv3 base score of 5.5. A malicious actor with non-administrative access to the vCenter Server may exploit this issue to gain access to sensitive information. This vulnerability is mitigated in the vCenter updates noted in the VMSA.

  • Finding ID: vSphere-CVE-2022-22948-VMSA#202209

To review all released Findings for the month of April and all current active VMware Skyline Findings please go to the VMware Skyline Findings Catalog.

Most Viewed Findings in Last 30 Days

Below are the most viewed Findings by users in Skyline Advisor Pro.

  1. vSphere-XHCI-USB-controller-VMSA#202204
  2. vSphere-Log4jremotecodeexe-VMSA#202128
  3. vSphere-VCFEsxNTPRule-KB#81647
  4. vSphere-CustomizeWindowsGuests-KB#1020716
  5. vSphere-VCFEsxRemoteSysLogRule-KB#81648
  6. vSphere-VMmorethan3snapshots-KB#1025279
  7. vSphere-SpectreMeltdown-VMSA#201804-2
  8. vSphere-CVE-2020-3992-VMSA#202023
  9. vSphere-VmUnresponsivememoryleak-KB#2077302
  10. vSphere-L1TerminalFault-VMSA#201820-3
  11. vSphere-CVE-2022-22943-VMSA#202207
  12. vSphere-PSODQLogicFCHBA-KB#83790
  13. vSphere-Vmtoolsmemoryleak-KB#76163
  14. vSphere-PSODQLFE3-KB#82237
  15. vSphere-CVE-2021-22050-VMSA#202204
  16. vSphere-CVE-2021-21997-VMSA#202111
  17. vSphere-VMFS-L-SDCards-KB#83376
  18. vSphere-VMToolsCVE20203941-VMSA#202002
  19. vSphere-iscsiesxibooting-KB#79694
  20. vSphere-QuiesceSnapshotFails-KB#2145280


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