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Using Skyline Automation Toolkit to Remediate Your Skyline Findings

As you know, Skyline Advisor Pro is essential to enhance the health of your virtual infrastructure.  It provides proactive insights to avoid your problem before disaster occurs. If a problem does occur and Service Request (SR) is created, the Log Assist portion can help you eliminate delays to resolution. Currently, Skyline Advisor Pro is a read-only reporting tool for identifying concern areas and providing remediation guidance.   

Introduction to Skyline Automation Toolkit 

I would like to introduce a Fling that compliments Skyline Advisor Pro (A VMware fling is an unsupported virtualization or cloud computing software tool created by a VMware engineer.) This is the Skyline Automation Toolkit. It allows you to fix your environment based on your particular Findings, help build and sustain your Skyline Collectors, and leverage all features within Skyline (including Insights API).  As a Fling, this is not an officially supported application.  Please test on your development infrastructure thoroughly before attempting to run on production environments. 

The Skyline Automation Toolkit is designed to save valuable time in remediating potential issues surfaced by Skyline Advisor Pro to ensure stability, security and productivity. The Toolkit allows cloud admins and SREs to automate Skyline Advisor Pro’s proactive Iintelligence with their own tools and processes. It automates two main Skyline functions:

1. Remediation of Skyline’s Proactive Findings 
2. Installation & configuration of the Skyline Collector with VMware product endpoints  

The Toolkit leverages VMware Powershell modules to update and configure VMware infrastructure. VMware engineers build and test the Skyline Automaton Toolkit, however we recommended you test in a development environment before using in production. The Skyline Automation Toolkit is a VMware Fling. VMware Flings is a VMware Office of the CTO program that enables anyone at VMware to release off-roadmap, experimental tools directly to customers via the Flings site. While Flings are not officially supported and should not be used in a production environment, Fling developers do appreciate feedback and requests through comments, which enables them to release Fling updates.  


  1. skyline-fixer – This script reviews the Skyline Advisor CSV export(s) and implements the remediation steps.  
  1. Skyline-comm This script sends Skyline findings to Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, and other management/reporting services.  
  1. skyline-helper – This script ensures proper connection between product endpoints and the Skyline Collector.  
  1. skyline-docker – This script builds additional infrastructure to help support “Findings and Recommendations” beyond VMware product suite.  

To test the Skyline Automation Toolkit, please 

Skyline Automation Toolkit will be updated on a regular basis.  Fixes and new features will be added to provide more value to your Skyline activities.  Don’t hesitate to add comments and identify bugs within the Flings’ Community section


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