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VMware Skyline Log Assist Support for SDDC Manager

As many of you know, Log Assist, is one of VMware Skyline’s most popular features, consistently ranking high among other core functionality, including Upgrade Recommendations, TAM Reports, and API Support. And it’s popular for a good reason. Log Assist Skyline streamlines the process of manually gathering and uploading a support bundle used by VMware Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) to help solve customer technical issues by automating it in just a few clicks.

We’re still calculating the numbers for 2021, but in 2020 alone, Log Assist’s automated bundle creation and submission process saved our customers 90,000 hours vs. the manual process. That’s a lifetime of work according to Forbes.

And we’re happy to say that VMware Skyline is giving you even more of your valuable time back. The latest release has improved Log Assist even more, by extending support to the SDDC Manager, the core component of VMware Cloud Foundation.

To enable Log Assist with the SDDC Manager, a few prerequisites must be met. Ensure that you’re running Skyline Collector version 3.1 (or higher) along with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3.1 (or higher).

And, if you haven’t configured your Collector to your VCF endpoints, it’s a straight-forward procedure. Please refer to our VMware Skyline Product Documentation for details.

But in a nutshell:

  1. Enter the FQDN/IP Address of the SDDC Manager.
  2. Enter a Account Username for connecting to the SDDC Manager. This account must have either the SDDC Manager ADMIN or OPERATOR Role to leverage Log Assist
  3. Enter the Account Password.
  4. To complete adding the SDDC Manager to the Skyline Collector, click Add.

And that’s it! What are you going to do with the additional time you’ve saved?




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