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Skyline Insights API – Sending Findings to PagerDuty

Earlier blog entry shows you how to send Skyline Findings to Jira.  Here is an example to send to PagerDuty.

First, you need to generate a token from PagerDuty for the script to use.

Now you need to format the Skyline Findings data.  This was also done in previous JIRA and Slack examples. NOTE: $1 is the filename.

Now let’s put this together.  Enter your desired TOKEN and ID.  This is unique to your account and environment.  The page to send to is very generic

Please check your PagerDuty UI as soon as you get the confirmation.  Acknowledge immediately or you will get alert calls constantly.


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    1. that is fantastic. if you find anything new that you are willing to share, please do. will help others in the community.

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