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Skyline Insights API – Using Powercli

We understand that not all administrators are using Linux or Mac OSX. Here are the steps to use the Skyline Insight API when in Windows.

NOTE: Please review this blog entry before proceeding. You need to do the prerequisites prior to using Powercli.

  • Add “API User role”
  • Create API Token

In order to create an Access Token from your API Token, here is the command to run.

Now that you have the Access Token, you can get the Skyline Findings. Run the next command.

NOTE: you need to create a skyline.json file as the “-infile”. For this easy example, I have chosen to get 1 output.

NOTE: I have updated the json file example.

If you are like me, you want the output to mirror the output of Skyline Advisor Pro user interface. By doing so, both outputs should look identical. Here are the entries that is needed for the CSV formatted output.

In the end, you have the output of the Skyline Findings in a CSV format. You can now post this into a ticket or automation of your choice.


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