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Skyline Insights API – Getting Started

With the release of “VMware Skyline Advisor Pro”, the Skyline Insights API is made available. Here are the steps you need to perform to have a working environment. Please read the “API Documentation” thoroughly to ensure you know all the steps and options. 

NOTE: Please make sure you have also installed “jq” (if you are on a Mac). Else, remove “jq” from commands below. 

Enable “API User” role

1 – Select “down arrow” next to your name and select “My Account”

2 – Select “My Roles” and select “Service Roles” (make sure “Skyline API User” has been added to your account).

Generate API Token

1 – In “My Account”, select “API Tokens”


3 – Enter name, select “Developer”, and select “Generate”

4 – Save off the API Token, select “COPY”, and select “CONTINUE”

Generate Access Token

Run the following command using your API Token to create your Access Token (result: YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN)

Test Insight API to get findings

Run the following command to get an example output.

That is it. You now have a working environment in order to get Skyline Insight API working. I will provide more examples in the near future.


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