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VMware Skyline Advisor Pro Overview

Skyline Advisor Pro is a self-service cloud offering that proactively identifies potential issues and provides resolution guidance. It’s fast, smart, and easy to use.


Skyline Advisor Pro provides accelerated analysis that surfaces issues, remediation updates and inventory changes more quickly. Advisor Pro will surface issues and inventory changes within 4 hours, giving you more time to act on its findings and recommendations and higher confidence that your environment is up to date.

Accelerated Analysis provides the most up-to-date snapshot on the status on your environment.


Skyline Advisor Pro offers deep insights to help you keep the environments that you manage out of harm’s way.

First there are End of Life Insights. This feature indicates when your installed solutions will no longer receive General Support and Technical Guidance, in the form of patches, upgrades, and bug fixes. With this highly requested feature, Skyline Advisor Pro gives you the ability to quickly see when support for your VMware products is ending and give you sufficient time to plan upgrades and enable business continuity with minimal disruption.

See when End of General Support and End of Technical Guidance are ending.

Second, Historical Insights. Skyline Advisor Pro provides the ability to visually associate key events in your environment, like a configuration change, with findings and recommendations that are either triggered or remediated as a result of that change over specified periods of time. It’s a great way to see “cause and effect,” and it will help improve the stability and resiliency of the environments that you manage.

Correlate changes in deployment landscape with findings and remediations to improve future reliability.

And, finally, there are Proactive Insights Report for Success 360. This value-added service is available for Premier and Success 360 customers, and it’s provided by a dedicated team of VMware Professionals. As Success 360 Customers interact with this team, these reports can be used for bi-weekly “health checks,” as they provide more insight into issues avoided and outstanding remediations.

And the unique thing about the insights report that isn’t available anywhere else in Skyline is the addition of Resolution Type.

This category allows you and your dedicated support team to prioritize remediations based on level of effort.

For example, if you have 20 findings that do not require a reboot, you could prioritize doing those over more time-consuming efforts that would need additional planning, like remediations that do require reboot or a complete re-architecture,

With Insights Reports, Skyline Advisor Pro adds more contextual data to the decision-making process, in terms of what things you want to prioritize and take action on.

And with the ability to leave comments on the things that you want to do (or not do), you’re keeping a running record of your remediation next steps that can be shared with your extended team.

Inform stakeholders about proactive progress, issues avoided and outstanding remediations.


Last but not least, Skyline Advisor Pro is easier to use. Skyline Advisor Pro customers have indicated that they want to do more than just view Skyline’s Findings and Recommendations. Skyline Advisor Pro provides customers with the ability to act on them with the introduction of its new Insights API feature.

With this feature, you can to take Skyline’s Findings and Recommendation data and extract it via API into the tooling of your choice. With this freedom, you can develop and deliver some powerful routines, such as creating a ticket out of a finding, automating configuration changes, or sending your findings to a communication tool, like Slack.

Extract Findings Data and integrate it into the tool of your choice to communicate and remediate.

Want to learn more about the Insights API? Click on this link to see a video of the feature in action.

Not Just Another Tool

VMware Skyline Advisor Pro is smart, fast, and easy to use. We hope you’ll agree that Advisor Pro will be seen as another Pro on your team and not just another tool.

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