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How-To Reset Your Skyline Collector Passwords: Part 2

You’ve lost access to your root password for the Collector Appliance and need to reset it.

Look no further.

You can refer to this video or follow the steps below to restore it.

  1. Restart the Skyline appliance. 

2. From the Console screen of the appliance when you see the PhotonOS splash screen press “e”.

3. At the end of the PhotonOS boot command add “rw init=/bin/bash”:

4. Press F10 to access to the command prompt.

5. Once booted to a prompt, type “passwd” to set the root password

(Optional) If your root account has been locked you can run the following to unlock: /sbin/pam_tally2 -r -u root

6. Type “reboot -f” to reboot the appliance.

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