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What’s New in VMware Skyline: Collector Status Notifications

We’re pleased to announce that the latest release of Skyline Advisor provides new Collector status notifications to Skyline Administrators.

Collector Status Notifications come in two forms.

Collector Health Status Notifications: The first Collector Status Notification is triggered when a Collector goes into an Unhealthy State. When this occurs, you will receive an email that provides guidance for troubleshooting and restoring Collectors to a Healthy Status, so that Skyline can effectively continue to monitor and provide proactive recommendations that will help you keep your environments safe and healthy.

Refer to KB75268 for recommendations to Troubleshooting Unhealthy Collectors

Collector Upgrade Notifications: The second Collector status notification is triggered when one or more Skyline Collectors are out of date and need to be upgraded to the latest version. When this occurs, you’ll also get an email, recommending that you to upgrade all relevant Collectors, so that you can continue to take to advantage of Skyline’s latest features and enhancements.

Unlike Collector Health Status Notifications, Collector Upgrade Notifications can be toggled off within Skyline Advisor’s Settings menu.

Why are these notifications important?

In a nutshell, these Collector Status notifications help ensure that the Skyline service provides continuous and high-quality support. Let’s take a look at this high-level diagram that shows a basic configuration of the Skyline Service. The findings and recommendations that are reported through the Advisor come from the Collector that pulls or “collects” key data, relating to usage, performance, and configuration from the endpoints that it monitors. It’s the connective tissue between your endpoints and Skyline Advisor. If the Collector isn’t current or healthy, it impacts Advisor’s ability to effectively send proactive recommendations to Skyline users or assist them in Support Requests where Log Assist is needed.

For more information on the importance of ensuring that Skyline Collectors are both current and healthy, please refer to the following videos on our VMware Skyline Channel on YouTube as well as Knowledge Base Article 75628.

If you have questions about this announcement, please visit the Skyline Community.    

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VMware Skyline Team    


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