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VMware Skyline Office Space Campaign Ends This Week.

For everyone here on the VMware Skyline Team, we want to thank you for your support our of #TechforGood campaigns.

These campaigns are our way to connect with you, our valued customers in the form of a “treasure hunt” where you’re asked to perform various tasks within the VMware Skyline service and compete for various prizes that you can allocate to the charity of your choice.

It’s a fun way to share our mutual enthusiasm for Skyline, give us an excuse to share our sense of humor, and most importantly, enable everyone in the tech community to do “some good” in a world that could really use a helping hand right now.

Our most recently campaign is a parody of Office Space, a popular movie that gave a sympathetic and humorous depiction of Information Technology workers and garnered a cult following.

It was the perfect stage to play out some of the day-to-day (and sometimes funny) challenges that we face at work and highlight how VMware Skyline can solve them.


A chance to win $1,500 for your charity AND a red stapler signed by Milton! That’s right! To win at this level, you must complete all 8 tasks, so keep an eye out for our tweets throughout April.


Here’s the cast of the campaign. You may recognize some of them.

Josh – The leader of the team. Part protagonist, part antagonist, he sets up the funny scenarios that the rest of the team must navigate through.

Nick – A veteran member of the technical Marketing team that is always willing to document and share his knowledge with follow team members and customers alike. He “keeps the lights on.”

Michelle – The team’s biggest customer advocate. She makes sure that the rest of the team has a “customer first” mindset when they create marketing material.

Sara – The team’s operation’s manager who makes sure that everyone is supporting the larger team strategy and meeting their goals.

Kelcey – A new member of the Technical Marketing team that comes with up interesting ways to generate excitement and promote product usage.


There’s still time participate and complete the tasks presented in all 8 episodes.

Did You Get the Memo – You did get the memo, right? (Yes, that’s right. This scavenger hunt is #OfficeSpace-themed.) Your manager wants you to send a VMware Skyline screenshot. Of what? Watch the video to find out!

With a Team Like This – Your manager just found SR Visibility in # VMware Skyline! Designed to make Log Assist even easier to use, it lets him see all the support requests we help your team resolve. Now he has a task for you to do in your “free time”! See what it is 👇🏼

Fishing for Findings – While you were asleep, your manager decided to review your environment’s security vulnerabilities. You could have saved him some time with VMware Skyline. Watch the video to get your task!

The Water Cooler – Your manager heard the CIO is looking for a breakdown of the Guest OS types that your company is running. No matter how busy you are, he wants YOU to provide him the data first. Watch the video for your task!

Promotion Time – Your manager wants to discuss promotions! But it’s not the kind you think. He wants to know what upgrade will solve the most issues. It’s his 5th request today, but this one should be easy, right? Watch the video for your task!

Solutions, Not Problems – Your manager invited the VMware Development Team to discuss the latest #VMwareSkyline enhancements. He couldn’t hide his excitement about our integration with VCF. So what’s your task? Watch the video to find out.

The War Room – Your manager wants to connect on your remediation strategy. Looking to show your value, you propose that the 1st step is to make sure your Skyline Collectors are healthy.

Morning Coffee – Your proactivity saved the department lots of money. Impressed, your manager gave you MORE responsibility. But with less time to act on VMware Skyline’s recommendations, the inevitable happened.

Winners will be announced on May 7th. This is our “last memo” on the topic 😊

On behalf of everyone on the VMware Skyline Team, good luck!


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