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New KB articles published for the week ending 16th May, 2021

ProductsTitlePublished Date
VMware Cloud FoundationVCF upgrade pre-checks fail for vCenter Server and/or PSC health checks (83724)13/05/2021
VMware Dynamic Environment ManagerDynamic Environment Manage(DEM) User File Type Association(FTA) Delay in Applying after Login. (83679)10/05/2021
VMware HorizonRemoveSecurity Scanners show HSTS header not present on Horizon Composer on port 18443 (83728)13/05/2021
VMware Identity Manager[Resolved] HW-137171 – Improve Resiliency of Connector during Synchronization of Resources and Entitlements from Horizon Cloud (83681)10/05/2021
VMware NSX-TDiscover & Take Action page displays “The application server encountered an error while trying to fulfill your request. (400 Bad Request) ” (83722)13/05/2021
VMware NSX-T Data CenterNSX-T Edge TEP networking options (83743)15/05/2021
VMware NSX-T Data CenterPods in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition are stuck in a “ContainerCreating” state after restarting the pods (83718)12/05/2021
VMware Site Recovery ManagerVMware Site Recovery Manager uses old network mapping after attaching a NIC to another network (83678)10/05/2021
VMware Smart Assurance – NCMVMware Smart Assurance NCM: How to identify which Device Classes by default have quick command “Clear Cache”? (83714)12/05/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes GridTanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster fails to deploy when the tkg/tanzu CLI is invoked from a MacOS system (83690)11/05/2021
VMware Tanzu Toolkit for KubernetesHow To Install Trivy Image Scanning Offline DB On Air-Gapped Harbor in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (83685)10/05/2021
VMware vCloud DirectorRepairing a VMware Cloud Director Appliance that was re-initialized (83721)12/05/2021
VMware vCloud DirectorHow to avoid VMware Cloud Director Appliance re-initializations after a power cycle or restart (83682)10/05/2021
VMware vCloud Usage MeterHow to Troubleshoot Error or Warning Notifications related to the Usage Meter Services (83704)12/05/2021
VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud[VMC on AWS] Cannot ping to vRealize Log Insight Cloud Cloud Proxy (83487)10/05/2021
VMware vSANCalculating vSAN CPU usage (83744)15/05/2021
VMware vSphereSkyline Health Diagnostics UI is not accessible after deploying Appliance Version 2.0.5-17790475 (83674)10/05/2021
VMware Workspace ONEAAGNT-191231: Location permission issue on some Samsung Android Work Managed devices (83725)13/05/2021
VMware Workspace ONEAAPP-7043: Third party calendar events are removed from Apple Watch calendar (83717)12/05/2021
VMware Workspace ONEAAPP-6609: iOS Native mail app crashes when attempting to open additional encrypted file (83716)12/05/2021
VMware Workspace ONEAAPP-6076:  iOS ADE Devices are not passcode-protected even though users entered a device passcode during the setup assistant (83719)12/05/2021


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