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New KB articles published for the week ending 7th March, 2021

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VMware Cloud on AWS82770[VMC on AWS] Unable to apply storage policies to individual virtual disks during HCX bulk migration (82770)03/03/2021
VMware Cloud on AWS82730[VMC on AWS] hbrsrv and lwdproxy service status is critical in Network Extention Appliance (82730)02/03/2021
VMware ESXi82763VMware response to GRUB2 security vulnerabilities CVE-2020-14372, CVE-2020-25632, CVE-2020-25647, CVE-2020-27749, CVE-2020-27779, CVE-2021-20225, CVE-2021-20233 and CVE-2021-3418 (82763)02/03/2021
VMware ESXi83022REST APIs introduced in vSphere 7.0 Update 2 (83022)07/03/2021
VMware Horizon82767UAGName Attribute not applied consistently in a UAG Powershell Deployment UI with version 3.9.1 (82767)02/03/2021
VMware Horizon82779Feature Changes with the latest versions of Horizon Client 2012 and higher. (82779)03/03/2021
VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure82756Considerations when managing Windows firewall using GPO for Horizon VDI Desktops (82756)01/03/2021
VMware Identity Manager82766Runaway Connector issue for IDM 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 (82766)02/03/2021
VMware NSX for vSphere82790CA certificate changes made in the NSX Edge 6.4.8 Load Balancer, Application Profile UI are not persistent when saved (82790)04/03/2021
VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud82784VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, Gateway, and Edge – 3.0.x, 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x Resolution for CVE-2021-3156 (82784)03/03/2021
VMware vCenter Server82801Migrating a VM to a VSAN datastore fails (82801)05/03/2021
VMware vCenter Server82788Manually compact etcd keyspace history when auto compaction fails due to database space exhaustion (82788)04/03/2021
VMware vCenter Server82794Updated Plan for CPU Support Discontinuation In Future Major vSphere Releases (82794)04/03/2021
VMware vCloud Availability82771Unable to reconfigure the Lookup Service registration after a vCenter Server certificate update in Cloud Director Availability 4.0 (82771)03/03/2021
VMware vCloud Availability82773“Unable to create replica placeholder disk…” error when configuring a replication in Cloud Director Availability (82773)03/03/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Cloud82804vRealize Orchestrator MP Limitations in vRealize Operations Cloud (82804)05/03/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Cloud82650User is unable to log into vRealize Operations Cloud (82650)02/03/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Manager82803Upgrading VMware Tools of vRealize Operations is Unsupported (82803)05/03/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Manager82676Some Adapter and Object status is “Old Data Receiving” in vRealize Operations (82676)02/03/2021
VMware vSAN82787vSAN Health Service – Cluster Health – vSAN Direct Homogenous Disk Claiming (82787)03/03/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi82774Creating a Virtual Machine in VMware vSphere client (82774)03/03/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi82795When installing iofilters on a new or upgraded 7.0 u2 host within a vLCM managed cluster, the host may fail to install all of them, becoming unresponsive in the process (82795)04/03/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi82628Virtual Machine on VMFS-6 datastore fails vMotion or HA failover  with type 10c00003 lock message (82628)03/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE82798Add multiple managed accounts for Workspace ONE Boxer (82798)05/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE82782Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence March 3rd, 2021 Release (82782)03/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE82744[Resolved] AMST-31440 – After Workspace ONE UEM 2101 upgrade, user-context commands are not processed for some Azure joined devices (82744)01/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE82760Add a delegated or shared mailbox in Workspace ONE Boxer (82760)03/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE82775Getting Ready for Android 12 (82775)03/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE82761Add Email Classifications in Workspace ONE Boxer (82761)03/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE82793Upgrading iOS device to iOS 14.X can occasionally cause devices to stop communicating with MDM server (82793)05/03/2021


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