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New KB articles published for the week ending 4th April, 2021

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VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] VMC vCenter gets inaccessible with ICMP after Phase 1 of an SDDC 1.12 upgrade maintenance (83295) 01/04/2021
VMware HCX HCX – Failure to deploy IX or NE appliance with “InvalidGuestLogin” error (83303) 02/04/2021
VMware PKS Enable X-Forwarded-For on the nsx-t ingress controller for an existing TKGi cluster (82268) 02/04/2021
VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Edges with High Availability Configured  – Standby Edge will not be detected when Edge is upgraded to 3.4.1- 3.4.2- 3.4.3 (83283) 30/03/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Upgrading Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) from TKG 1.2.1 to TKG 1.3.0 fails with ‘unable to get cluster configuration: unable to get template’ (83310) 02/04/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid LDAP/OIDC-authentication-based kubectl commands fail after restarting all nodes in a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.3 installation (83312) 02/04/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Velero backups of vSphere persistent volumes fail on Kubernetes clusters version 1.20 or higher (83314) 02/04/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid How to Deploy TKG 1.2 MGMT Cluster in and environment with a proxy (81973) 02/04/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid TKG management cluster creation on AWS fails with VpcReconciliationFailed (83313) 02/04/2021
VMware Telco Cloud Operations Deleting SAM configuration in TCOps does not clear associated Notifications/Topology (83273) 30/03/2021
VMware vCenter Operations Manager VMSA-2021-0004 FAQ (83265) 30/03/2021
VMware vCloud Director “RefreshSupervisorClusterStatusActivity | [Activity Execution] Unable to create a VcRestClient for VC” message in vcloud-container-debug.log on Cloud Director Cells after performing a vCenter Server Reconnect (83306) 03/04/2021
VMware vCloud Director Provider VDC backed by a Supervisor Cluster does not show the blue Kubernetes Icon and default Provider VDC Kubernetes Policy is not created (83302) 02/04/2021
VMware vRealize Automation Cloud Execution of ABX actions fail on Cloud Extensibility Proxy (CEXP) appliances after agent restart (83301) 01/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Manager How to reset the root password in vRealize Application Remote Collector (82674) 31/03/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Manager vRealize Operations 6.7 and 7.0 Workaround for VMSA-2021-0004 (83287) 31/03/2021
VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager VMware vRealize Operations security patches (83260) 29/03/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi VM fails to power on with Error: “File system specific implementation of LookupAndOpen [file] failed” (83291) 31/03/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi ATS Initialization failed for SAS Storage using 7.0 U2 (83249) 30/03/2021
VMware vSphere Replication Python version vulnerabilities exposed in vSphere Replication (83170) 30/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE [Resolved] AGGL-8957 – Bulk operations from the Device List View do not honor Android Management filter (83288) 31/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Workspace ONE Enrollment Error Catalog (81557) 31/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console Zebra Printers Certificate auto-renewal is not supported (83277) 01/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence March 31st, 2021 Release (83293) 01/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE No apps found in the personal Play Store in COPE mode on Android 11 (83292) 31/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Workspace ONE UEM enrollments on macOS devices with multiple partitions (83311) 02/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Android devices using SafetyNet Attestation may be incorrectly marked as Compromised (83272) 29/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 21.3 (Swift) for iOS (83282) 30/03/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Access HW-133128: End of Support for Internet Explorer 11 on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Web and Hub Services Admin Console (83271) 29/03/2021


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